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So if we beat the Eagles, where do we stand?...

s**t well be the s**t
Originally posted by AlexSmithNWessonOil:
They said on ESPN that if the Niners win this game Goodell is just gonna send the Lombardi Trophy to Santa Clara.

So that's where we stand.

Rofl ESPN would say that. It's their Dream Team.

Depends how we beat them. If this is a sound thrashing people will start blinking in San Francisco's general direction.

If it's a close, narrow win, they will talk about The Dream Team's ongoing struggles.

If it's another snoozer win like in Cincinnati, they may actually report that the Eagles won. No one will realize the mistake until it costs them the postseason tiebreaker.
Originally posted by Mrpelonsj:
s**t well be the s**t

we stand at 3-1 looking really good and completely f**king up the eagles by killing michael vick
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