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Names for the Offensive Line...

The horrendous OL play has engendered a lot of anger and exasperation for us fans, and rightly so.

With that said, I figure we might as well have a little fun with it and come up with some good, amusing nicknames for the OL.

Of course, we can go with the the tried and true OFFENSIVE line, but let's try and be more creative. Personally, from here on out, I'll be referring to the OL as the LOL.

What are some of yours?
The Red Sea.
This is all in fun but "Highway 101" seems appropriate.
The "Widowmakers"
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Route Alex Smith
False start on the entire offensive line
The Kwame Harris experience
A Sieve of Five

"Guys... In one word, how would you describe your play?"


Not gonna block, lol
Three and a half men.......
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The flood gates (theyre open)
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