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harbaugh vs raye

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more linke since mooch left

since mooch left? na. more like since the niners thought steve young was a better option than montana. i loved watching the cheifs beat the niners that day. its been down hill since. montana buildt youngs ring,
GTFO of here. montana built steve youngs team how? by being there first? by drafting all of those players? by coaching them up? by playing defense? its a team game, montana didnt build s**t. he played on the team and he played awesome but he didnt build s**t. that was one of the dumbest statements ive ever read on here. thank you for that
The offense is growing, but certain players lake of skill and discipline is holding back the development! I did see some things I liked today, just some poor execution by players that seem to have forgotten how to win!
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