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f**k dalton. i hope we break his f**king leg
7 coming up. Time to go to sleep?
need a stand
This is almost boring
come on D
hold em to 3!!!!!!
Andy Dalton looks better than Alex Smith.
Why donthey run, when they can just pass it on us
this is bad
Fire suck fangio!

Guy's it's not the DBs - it's the defensive alignment. They're allowing guys to run free. The ball is being throw right at the point where you let responsibilities transfer between places in the zone. That's a design error, not the players.
don't you wish niners were more aggressive than pussies in FA for a CB
what are people complaining about, the Rookie is playing lights out. He is finding the open man quickly and hit him accurately....he is also getting rid of the ball quick. We are just going to have to blitz him or something.
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God was I hoping for the sack/strip!
Thank god only 3
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