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Andy Lee

Old reliable. Andy Lee.
That last punt was AWESOME!
Andy Lee is like the Joe Montana of punting. He's great, and I love him. He's been an undersung contributor for years and years and years. They should retire his number. He is the model of consistency. I don't even know what to say about him that hasn't already been said. Best punter in franchise history. They should erect a stature of him outside of levi's stadium
Is he now the longest tenured Niner?
Yeah, was Jennings from 2000, now it's Lee 2004 and then Frank 2005. Snyder left for a year so he doesn't count as 05.

As for Lee I don't think he's doing as good as he was a few years back. Not sure he's getting the distance he was and without researching seems like he isn't pinning as many opponents inside the 20 as he use to either. Seems like a a lot of them he punts right into the end zone; his back spin doesn't seem to be working.

I definitely see him having to restructure down the road to stay with us. Don't see getting that much in 17 and 18 but he should be with us 3 more years for sure. Here is his contract value: 2014: $1.9 million, 2015: $2.05 million, 2016: $2.833 million, 2017: $3.433 million, 2018: $4.134 million, 2019: Free Agent