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What jersey will you be wearing tomorrow?

The home version of this one. GO VERNON (fantasy and otherwise)!!!

as always BIG NUMBER 42 MR LOTT!!
Reversible Steve Young...for now, until my new Edwards jersey gets here!
Went with the T-Pain (Taylor Mays) last year but uh....yeah, that didn't work out so well.
Jerry Rice '94 throwback home jersey!
Originally posted by unst4bl3:
I do this, to the movies, mall, bar, club, shopping.

I get massive amounts of niner hate for wearing my jersey in redskins country.

Me too, only in CHIEF country.... Niner pride baby!!!!!
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White Tee homie
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I'm wearing a red Smith jersey. That's Justin Smith btw!
I'm going to buy my wife a new jersey and I know there was a member who periodically posts his link. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!
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Alex Smith home throwback. Wear it every weekend, football or not. Weekday when we play Monday/Thursday of course. Thing is falling apart but I love it to death. Not because of Smith but because of the Niner team it represents.

Also, on the left sleeve, it has 21 instead of 11. So when Alex has a bad game, bam, just point to the Gore when haters wanna hate.
Red Frank Gore jersey.
Rockin the P-Dub #52 (away)
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Originally posted by forty9ers49:
Call directv and tell them you want to cancel the sunday ticket. they'll give you $20 off a month. I do this every year

Thanks for the tip, I'll try it myself....

Jersey 15
Originally posted by 84SheepDog:
The home version of this one. GO VERNON (fantasy and otherwise)!!!

This one. Vernon for away games, PWilly-style for home games
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