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Box score: alex 9/15 and it sounded like a repeat of last yr. Then I saw the game on NFL..

Alex actually was 3/6 initially and all three incompletes were right on the money. The fourth incomp. was a well advised throw away. I make that 9/15 really a 13/15, and alex looked good in doing it. Two things happened: first, the OL which stunk against the Saints, played like a real OL and both blocked for alex and also our elite 3 RBs. Poti got out on a pulling play and double dipped two defenders. Staley looked solid, wragge looked like someone i hadn't seen play before, and same for the few other remaining Ols from last yr. Better yet, it looks like we may have 3 , maybe 4 legit OL starters on the bench. Yeah, it is preseason, but the young dudes on OL played like something we haven't seen on the OL in yrs.

Big difference between this yr and last 8 yrs, was that if there was a weakness on OL, JH coached away from it...something i got hacked off at BM and noln, erWreckson et al...when they didn't use that simplest of all tactics. Guys, this team blocked like a pro team(unheard of last 8 yrs), the receivers made some terrific catches, ran good routes, and it didn't hurt to have Braylon there to get attn off other guys. His one hander was a beaut.

As for D, we still need help on CBs, but they will come around, or JH will coach around them too. Overall, this was the one best game this team has played in the last 10 yrs and that is from two things: a) we finally got a coach who is an OC, a DC, and a he is smart, and knows his business...something BM, noln, nor erickson never did. b) baalke and JH really have an eye for talent, and took advantage of all the early cuts, the many UDFAs, and the guys who were cut on salary basis. I get the feeling that we finally got a tremendous front office and an even better HC/OC. Granted this is all just one game and it is the preseason. But anybody who saw that game and wasn't excited at OL, QB,RB, DL( aubrayo is another one who is better off gone), WR, LB...well they just weren't paying attn. The fact that we have so many OLs in the mix is just unbelievable. JH, Baalke maybe paraghe, finally figured out the Bellicheat philosophy: don't keep players too long, and if somebody doesn't cut it , cut him. Also, the NE philosophy of bringing in lots of new guys each yr is very obvious in this draft which means also getting rid of dead wood...baas, aubray, heitmann. With the salary cap, a team has to draft well, really well , and bring lots of new guys on board each yr. We did that this yr and man does it ever show. As for alex, well, he got his OC/HC, and Sat it looked like the guy we actually drafted out of college. Unbelieveable, but he could finally be coming into his own with a...wait for it...a great HC who is also a qB coach and OC. Bring 2011 on.
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lol what?
In other words...he thinks we're going to the playoffs!
All good points. Now if we perform like that for four quarters in a regular season game that counts, I think we could make it to the playoffs. I mean if our o-line gives alex 3 seconds to throw the ball, and the OL plays well enough to give all our backs open lanes all day. So we will see which 9er team shows up on Week 1, the saints vs. niners or the raiders vs. niners team.
Playoffs? Maybe, sure, whatever. What i do know is that we are going to finally get a real pro team out there, thanks in large part to a real live pro coach, and it appears a GM who just may really know his stuff. This is our best effort regular or preseason in ten yrs, and the outstanding things were OL, RBs, WRs, QB, DL, and LB. DBs and CBs still look unsettled, but with so many guys being cut , traded, let for $$reasons, a great GM and HC can find some CBs and plug them in. Also several of our last season guys did step up, and some lesser ones got cut. This is our best team since before mooch. I hope we don't fall flat on our face this Sat, but somehow, i doubt it.
Oh, and colin Kap, he will need every bit of this yr and maybe next to get it down. Another reason i am glad we kept alex, who has played way better than I had expected, unless....he had a great OC/HC... and he does.
Originally posted by modninerfan:
lol what?

- Alex played good.
- O-line played good.
- Harbaugh coached good. Nolan and Sing sucked.
- CB depth not so good. Harbaugh coaches good.
- New England philosophy is good.
- Prediction: 2011 will be good.

Though I'm gonna say... that wasn't the most incoherent post I've seen here.
Alex wasn't the biggest story of sat. was the two dumb Oakmeal fans getting what they got for messing with the niner faithful.....hahahahaha Fu** with us!!!!!!
Originally posted by 80849er4life:
Alex wasn't the biggest story of sat. was the two dumb Oakmeal fans getting what they got for messing with the niner faithful.....hahahahaha Fu** with us!!!!!!

Not cool bro
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Originally posted by modninerfan:
lol what?

80849, that is a major league problem, not a joke.
Didn't read lol
Originally posted by Paul:

Originally posted by 80849er4life:
Alex wasn't the biggest story of sat. was the two dumb Oakmeal fans getting what they got for messing with the niner faithful.....hahahahaha Fu** with us!!!!!!

two people getting shot isn't exactly something to joke about, especially when it takes away our right to tailgate after the game starts.
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Wow, starters vs starters we led the RAIDERS 3-0 at halftime of a preseason game and that is enough to predict this is going to be the best team we have seen in a long time? Three elite running backs?