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"Steve Young never learned how to read defenses"

Originally posted by billbird2111:
I love Grant announcing Kings games (many people do not share my view), but he's way off mark on this one.

Steve Young was the absolute master of reading defenses. One of his best jobs of reading what a defense was throwing at him came in the NFC Championship Game against the Cowboys during our last Super Bowl run.

I'll never forget how Madden diagrammed it -- and how UPSET Haley got -- because Young just BURNED Haley time and time again.

It appears that coaches picked out one of Haley's classic moves -- a wide sweeping rush in an attempt to get to the QB -- opened up the right side of the field for a brief second or two before the LB could move over and cover for Haley's absence.

Whenever Young spotted this move -- he just took off and ran right where Haley had been a second or two earlier. He ripped off some enormous runs in that game. And Haley was forced to abandon his signature move as the game wore on.

If that's not reading a defense, I don't know what is. But I will not forget that move to this very day.

Wow that is some legendary s**t bro!
Neither did Alex Smith for 7 years..... .....
Originally posted by 4evrfan:
one word about Napier, "Dip$h!t".

Steve Young would throw blind passes to spots on the field, even though he could not see the receiver. He threw a touchdown pass to TO doing that. Can you imagine any of our quarterbacks throwing blind touchdown passes?

Sometimes when you say the exact opposite of the truth, and you say it enough, eventually people begin to believe it. I guess that is Napier's strategy.
I actually agree with Grant because he was talking about the playoffs. I was listening when he said that.
Originally posted by Joecool:
I actually agree with Grant because he was talking about the playoffs. I was listening when he said that.

lol so he only couldnt read defenses during the playoffs? like in the superbowl?
Mmm, it depends on the context in which this quote was spoken. If this guy was saying this about Young for the majority of his career, I'd vehemently say no. Steve Young was quite brilliant in our Super Bowl season, and every year afterward. But if he was talking about the early part of his career, then I'd say most of us would agree.
Dumbest thing I have heard. Steve Young was a great athlete playing Quarterback - early on. Sitting behind Montana and learning the offense and how to be a better QB, is what made him a Hall Of Famer.
Originally posted by Marvin49:

Early on, he did rely too much on athleticism, but toward the end of his career he was carving people up. His Qb rating was over 112 in '94. You don't do that if you can't read defenses.

To this day, there are STILL people who hate Young simply because he isn't Joe Montana.

hhhaha i've been guilty of this. Its tough to watch him dominate in the regular season and then in the playoffs it was like watching a different quarterback.
Yea he relied on athleticism to get to Ninerville......but Walsh changed that right away........end thread.......

Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Neither did Alex Smith for 7 years..... .....


Alex is a great reader.

s**tty test-taker though.
This doesn't deserve a response. Steve wasn't Joe. But Steve was Steve and he was awesome and he torched defenses.
Originally posted by Hoovtrain:
Originally posted by LA9erFan:
The NBA lockout needs to end so Napier's idiocy is confined to the Royals.

Is and always will be the Kings my friend
But yeah, grew up in Sac and Grant is a douche.

yeah Grant's a blow hard and a douche. f**kin hate that guy. He is a 2 faced piece of crap. I still remember all the s**t he talked about CWebb and Bobby Jackson
The man is a winner and HOFer. The end.
Dude lives in Sac. Nough said.
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