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Do we have the worst QB situation in the NFL ?

Do we have the worst QB situation in the NFL ?

Originally posted by frenchmov:
uh, arizona has a worse situation as does seattle. unless you talk to kevin kolb ball washers. kolb has 3 career wins and a qb rating of 75 for his career. lets give him $60 mil!
I would rather have Kolb than Jasckson ><
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No. But we are in the bottom few.
We don't have a situation, because we don't have a quarterback!
yes, easily.
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
No. But we are in the bottom few.


And people wonder why I get so angry at Niners' management. We aren't the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, etc. We are the San Francisco 49ers, the team of Walsh, Montana, Rice, Lott. Many on the board celebrate the mediocrity, at best, of Baalke and company, some defending our management as if they are related.

This franchise is a clunker right now.
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Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
No. But we are in the bottom few.

Who is worse off than us? I can't think of anyone. Seattle, maybe.
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Originally posted by MBniner:
Who is worse off than us? I can't think of anyone. Seattle, maybe.

Redskins, Seahawks, and Dolphins are clearly worse off.

No, I don't think we have the worse quarterbacks, Bottom 10 for sure, but definetily not the worse. Here's why I think our situation is the worse though. Our fans are completely fed up with Smith and will boo him out of the stadium whether it's justified or not. Our rookie doesn't appear to be ready, and our 3rd stringer doesn't belong in the league.

Things go bad early it could be a long, long season. Last year we played hot potato at qb and it probally cost us a playoff spot.
Originally posted by MBniner:
Who is worse off than us? I can't think of anyone. Seattle, maybe.

As I stated previously, Bengals, Bills, Seahawks, Dolphins, Redskins are clear cut worse. I would go ahead and add Cleveland, Titans, and maybe the Raiders depending on good you think Jason Campbell is.

We don't know what we have until the niner personnel understand the new offense better and the opposition doesn't slice through our O-line like butter. That said, I feel after watching the debacle in Seattle the niners may have a better QB situation than them as well as a handful of other teams. Within our division I feel Arizona is a little better with Kolb (remains to be seen, but not too shabby in his debut). The Rams have a better QB as well but they have absolute dogs**t at reciever with Mike Sims-Walker there only big name (if you can call that big a big name) and what Amendola. On Paper we have a better reciever core than the Rams but with the reverse situation. Edge goes to Rams offensively because they have a better QB IMO and that means the ball will probably get to there crappy recievers before the ball gets to our better recievers. We shall see.

The Raiders present a good test IMO because they are markedly better than in previous years and quite honestly they should have beat us last year in the regular season (I was there on the 50 yd line) but came out absolutely flat after blowing their wads in the previous game. The Raiders have an above average front seven and are a little more weak in their secondary now obviously. They also have a great run game. This will be another great test for the offensive line. Even if we do not win (a little puke just came into my mouth), I want to see some type of improvement with the O about a couple first downs accomplished by the first unit in a row for christ sakes; with scoring being gravey at this point. I like CK but he is not ready, you know it and I know it, blind faith set aside. Alex is the best option at this point but you can tell by his deer-in-the-headlights look he will never be ready for this team in time. Alex is the kind of guy who is better suited for an occupation like selling bibles door-to-door.
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Originally posted by 12b6demurrer:
Bengals, Bills, Miami, Washington, Seattle all easily have worse situations than us.
Cincy is not so good either. Dalton, Gradkowski, Jordan Palmer and Dan LeFevour.
No. There is worse.
Was up in Coeur d'Alene during weekend, so missed game, but did get to see lowlights on ESPN. Next day I read we signed culpepper, now Josh McG. All I saw on ESPN lowlights was a porous to non apparent OL and QBs receiving the ball and getting tackled at about the same time. That sure doesn't require a SOS for new QBs. It does, however, send up the signal that Harbaugh must certainly be aware of: namely we ain't got no OL. Reading thru other QB posts, OL posts, etc, it is apparent that if we should be bringing anyone into camp it should be OL guys, not qBs. My position was and remains that it is hard to rate your qb when he is always on his azz...or out cold on his back. Forget the new QBs already. Focus on what our problem is...the OL. Look, how many diatribes did we have last yr about heitmann and baas? Answer: plenty. So we bring in AD and Poti, Rachal to join Staley, and what happens? Still can't block.

My point is, we have had world's crappiest coaching for so long, with misguidance at every turn, that somewhere, somehow, somebody forgot that you have to build a team thru its lines...and start on OL first. Doesn't matter if Peyton, Brady, Rivers, or Joe Montana is QB here, without an OL we are double bat screwed. Don't believe it, just look at rewinds from last Fri. Our OL wasn't even in the picture. So start there. Bring in every OL guy who is cut, was signed and was cut, was a walk-on, or got into contract trouble...whatever. Bring those guys in , 3 or 4 per day, until we find someone with talent. Let's forget about trying to bring in a QB, because that isn't our main problem. Protecting our QB is. And i saw precious little of that on Fri nite.

JH is a fine coach. I don't believe, however, that he imagined our OL could be so Godawful ghastly. Well, it is. And bringing in qBs is not the answer. Bringing in OLs is.
Lastly, we have had an OL that has been uncoached for exactly 8 yrs now. JH needs to concentrate there, and if we have no qb, so what. We do have to have that OL tho, and that implies great coaching on part of JH. Other fact is he knows all OLs from Pac12, and knows who got signed, cut, walked off...or on...and he should have a good handle on just this yrs OL guys from college. If we are going to be saved, it will be from those guys, not from culpepper or mckown. Fix the OL and we will go a long way towards fixing the qB slot, regardless of who it is. But jeez, coach, don't bring in more Qbs to be tackling dummies during the preseason games. We already got those. Bring us an OL., or even better, coach us up an OL.
Miami has JUST Chad Henne. Cincy has JUST a rookie quarterback. Carolina has Cam Newton (who's extremely overrated) and Jimmy Clausen (who isn't even good enough to be a #2 quarterback IMO). Seattle has TAVARIS JACKSON as their starter with no qb of the future. Cleveland has a 3rd round pick as their only serviceable quarterback. Washington's quarterbacks have already been put into the bust category. And Oakland has only Jason Campbell who I don't think is any better than Alex Smith.

We definitely have a bad quarterback situation but I think it is better than every one of the aforementioned teams. Alex isn't going to blow anyone out of the water, but he is serviceable. And in Kaep we have our quarterback of the future.
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