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This might be Spagnuolo's last game as Rams coach. If the Saints lose tonight. Niners 20-10. If the Saints win. Niners 27-13
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I gotta tow the line and say the Rams will be looking to play spoiler to us this week. Play hard and get a early lead and let some guys rest.

Yeah, we can't take this game too lightly.
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we will score
Last game dudes
Close this season out right!!!
couple weeks back the rams wore throw backs against the bengals, bet they wont wear them against us which sucks, they should switch back top the old ones, not sure why they ever switched after winning the super bowl in 99
Moved. Concerned not for the game but resting the WR corps. Get healthy please
I think this game will be frustratingly close . . . for about a quarter.

We're going to crush them.
I'm hoping this game doesn't matter. Goooooo Falcons!!!
Originally posted by NineFourNiner:
I'm hoping this game doesn't matter. Goooooo Falcons!!!

THIS x infinity and beyond

They should use this as an exhibition game for the second season. Tune up the offense and defense. Then give some back-ups extended playing time, like Dobbs, Spencer, Dixon, Brock and maybe even Kaepernik.
Niners will win this game!!!
Originally posted by Almaraz1983:
Niners will win this game!!!
How does one become a veteran with 1 post?
Would like to see a big early lead - which hasnt happened yet this year. Then get some rest for the banged up players. First and foremost is the second seed I dont think we can beat the Saints in their place.
Originally posted by WestCoastForever:
How does one become a veteran with 1 post?

I think it has to do with the join date, rather than the post count. At any rate, hopefully Atlanta wins today and the Rams game becomes irrelevant.
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