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3 things come to mind in this loss:

1. Frank gore only carrying it 10 times

2. Settling for 3 pts too often

3. Missing our General on the Defense
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1st and goal on the 4 and we can't put it in against the cards? Why the f**k is Edwards even in there?? Two things I've noticed as of late is that KW and Crabtree are catching just about everything thrown their way. USE THEM!!!! f**k! where were the quick slants? Where are the RB screens??

The Cards have an up-and-coming defense. It doesn't surprise me they stopped us once in the redzone. But four times? That's on the offense. It seems like we would at least get into the endzone at least one time in four trips into the redzone. But this offense just flat out dies there.
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He didnt play great, but i'll say he definitely played good enough to win. It's funny how some are just focusing on that fourth down play. When lets look at the whole game and we left some on the field.

As we say almost every week as of late. IN another thread someone talked about that we have just as many dropped balls as the Packs. And i said you know what that may very well be true, but why is it that our WR's seem to drop them when they mean the most.

I dont care about just the bad passes, i look at the ones made, and the ones that could of been made, and the ones that were dropped. And overall, i say there were more good than bad. Just like WE ALL saw last week, VD dropped that TD, then that would of had him for over 300, and 3td's.

Today, i say two key drops and its crazy that it's with the same receiver. When Ginn lost that bomb, when alex got rid of it with pressure. (1 td lost). The second one in the red zone to Ginn, both hands touched the ball, over the outside shoulder, and he couldnt bring it in. Also, on a key third down try, Edwards seemed not to even know the ball was comin his way. And actually i liked the throw because Smith anticipated and threw it to a spot. If Walker would of caught that pass, and just turned around, another Key first down.

We cant keep saying it's ALL on the QB. And in those moments when everything breaks down and as we say the Good Qb's do, he tries to make a play, and today the WR's gave no help.

Was the playcalling suspect at times, yup. Ran when we should of passed or passed when we should of run definitely. O line a lot of breakdowns, and when they did hold for 3 to 4 seconds something was always wrong.

Drops have plagued our team all year IMO, and whether our QB throws em all good, semi good, or just alright/almost horrible, they just dont show up consistently on a weekly basis, making those plays that we say, "And thats what im talking about". I bet give me any Proven # 1 WR from another team, and i can assure you they make at least 1 of those Td's that was thrown to Ginn today.

Or that 4th and one play, that IMHO, he did get two hands on the ball, and i thought he actually did bring it in. Some said it was thrown too low, or out of reach, but i tell you what. I saw the same thing, but converted when Skelton got out the pocket, and threw low to that WR and he caught it on the ground on his knees for a first down.

The QB makes the WR look good and the Wr is supposed to make the QB look good. Think Skelton really would of killed us if he didnt have Larry. I think, not

Very good post.

Agreed. Everyone needs to chill.

That loss was entirely on Alex Smith, period. He flat out blows as a starting NFL QB.
Pittsburgh D >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Cardinals D.
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
Pittsburgh D >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Cardinals D.

Cards D has been playing very well in the past 4 or 5 weeks.
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Originally posted by ChazBoner:
Pittsburgh D >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Cardinals D.

Cards D has been playing very well in the past 4 or 5 weeks.

Steelers D has been playing very well in the past 4 or 5 years.
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posted this in marvin's thread but after re-watching some more observations: (sorry for rambling and lack of sentences)

Larry wasn't bad but he did have a few missed tackles... the biggest was along with Goldson on the Fitz pass over the middle that get an extra 30 yards because of that. I would agree he was pretty solid against the run and even made a few nice plays but in coverage and over the middle we could have used Patrick. There are a few plays/scrambles I would have liked to see what Patrick would have done.

Ray McDonald missed about 5 sacks on Skelton. Not exaggerating either.. he spun out of a few, side stepped one.... Aldon missed one as well. Had him around the legs.. seriously, guys Skelton isn't Vick. It was sad but props to Skelton.

Edwards injury filled season pretty much derailed any hope of him being that #1 playmaker we need. He is out of sinc and at times looks not into it but he isn't the only one. A lot of half assed efforts at times... VD blocking at times, guys not sticking with their blocks or standing around watching plays. P.S. At 1st Edwards seemed like a team 1st guy and now guys are starting to bicker... Crabtree looked unhappy after his great block to help Gore get a TD.... Spencer talking down VD before half, Edwards...

More slants... they were working all day...

Try a fricking screen... I get it we typically don't do them and never really did them well but can't be any worse than running every time on 1st or 2nd down and making it 2nd/3rd and 13 every time. So many times we went backwards.

I wish we would go shotgun once in awhile since the OL can't block/gets confused as heck on who to block during blitzes. I would say the biggest problem with our sacks is not getting beat man up it's getting confused when they send guys. We had 2 blocking one rusher while another 1 comes free many times.

Roman seems stubborn... at times he is a genius and at others it's like Singletary is whispering what play to call in his ear.

More Kyle Williams, less Ginn. Ginn at times has done some nice things but save a spot for him as a return specialist/ emergency WR (next year).

More misdirection on runs...also, at times we pull too much clogging up lanes... especially in the red zone.... try a pass out of jumbo....

Also, what is up with the confusion... snapping the ball with around 3 seconds every time.... wasting TO's and then getting a delay after a TO... that's preseason bull crap.
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