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Probability says we won't run the table. And that is probably true. But I don't see another loss on the schedule.

Easily better than the Steelers, Ravens and the entire NFC West.
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CUT EM UP!!!!!
We still need to be humble about the divisional games. These games are the ones that a loss can sneak in at any time.

We have a shot to win the #1 seed in the NFC so these divisional games are a MUST WIN, even if we lose either to Baltimore or Pitt.
Look...obviously I'm ecstatic that we're 8-1 but I REALLY REALLY HOPE we beat them 45-7 or some s**t. I want to see a blow out and see Kaep get in late in the game to get some reps.
i think we shouldn't use anything new against them but hone the plays we have used so far, let Alex loose so he can continue to work on the timing with his WR´s and see if we can get rid of the damn drops! , Anyhow, great season so far i hope they sit gore until he is completely healed, this would provide kendall with more valuable playing experience, get kyle williams in the game please, it seems that he has the best hands on the squad, experience with a new formation vs the pass so that we can play better against the better pass offenses, let Aldon play more base package plays so he can get more exp. going into the playoffs...what else?
this is going to be closer than I would like it to believe.
Goldson and Culliver on Fitzgerald,
Rogers on Ducset,
Brock on Roberts,
Whitner on Wells,
Bowman on Skelton,
Willis on Heap,
Willis on Skelton,
J Smith on Wells,
T. Brown on bench,

We win this game by whatever points we score minus 6 because thats all theyre scoring.
Originally posted by niners4lyfe:
this is going to be closer than I would like it to believe.

That is my fear which is why stick to the game, run, run. The Cards are coming off a huge win over Philly so they will have some momentum....but so do we. Plus history shows our games with the Cards always seem to be close no matter who is playing on the teams.
Justin Smith on another game saving play.

Division games are always tough. Hope they don't overlook this game with the harbough bowl looming.
Originally posted by qnnhan7:
Justin Smith on another game saving play.

the game won't need to be be saved
Whats Darnel Docket going to say THIS TIME??????
Niners will win 56-0
This could be a trap game if we don't watch out.

Huge win against a big time opponent this week and then the Thurs. nite game against the Ravens on Thanksgiving.

We can't rest on this win or look to the big game on Turkey day.

Division opponents are always tough to beat cause we play each other so often and know all the ins and outs of each other.

Still, I expect Jim to keep the team focused on the Cards and we win 31 - 20.
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