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Double post. So, Sorry!
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There's a reason why Calvin Johnson is among the league's best. At the moment, he's probably the hottest WR in the NFL now.

The key to stopping him? Stop Matthew Stafford.
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I have major hope in #22!!!

This hase been pumping me up for the last 22 years hope it works for u!
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Or, we could send Goldson after him to physically take him out of the game. If he can do it to a 250 pounder Blount, then Megatron should be cake (you know I just kid...)
Our DBs aren't getting the credit they are due. Their coverage has been excellent and they hit hard. Very importantly the refs are letting them play and not calling much touchy feely stuff at all and that is a sign of respect. I think they can keep him from running wild.

One thing is for sure: the Niners can't sneak up on anyone anymore. And Detroit is good. I root for them just because the city and franchise deserve something good, but not when they play the Niners!
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Shawntae Spencer if %100 would be a good option. He's done well against big recievers in the past (ala Larry Fitz). Then you put a safety over top and like some others have said in this thread, pressure Stafford and try to get after him and make him force some throws.
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I think we need to play physical on him within our 5 yard limit and slow him down from getting down field. I think carlos rogers can hang with him as long as he isnt allowed those "jump ball" type throws because CJ will catch those every time. Throw a safety in coverage over CJ and let rogers cut under his routs for some more ?INTs! I think thats what will stop him. They dont have a run game at all so if we can play the pass all day that will help alot.

Also, i think showing man and running zone will be a huge benefit. If stafford reads man, then he will hit CJ every time, but if we drop into a zone we can stuff the play and leave stafford scrambling around looking for a checkdown play all day and those are easy sacks.
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Go, Niners, go!
hopefully Spencer got some good rest for next week.

we can't let Johnson get off the line clean...if we can, every opportunity we have a LB close by, they should chip him. Try to push him around those first 5 yards.
Originally posted by ninersrule4:
Must contine my streak

Lions 38
49ers 10

49ers 6
Lions 42

The key will be to pressure Stafford and make life miserable for him and effectively running the ball to keep Detroit's offense off the field.
Spencer can play him pretty good. The key will be to put pressure on Stafford. they dont have a ground game, and rly with the way our front 7 is playing, they'd be foolish to even try to run on us. Making them one dimensional will be to our advantage. The way Fangio schemed this week against the Bucs gives me confidence that he'll be able to come up with some things against Detroit. He really put our guys in the perfect position to make plays. Kinda nice to be the ones who know which plays are coming...
Originally posted by Jikkle49:
The key will be to pressure Stafford and make life miserable for him and effectively running the ball to keep Detroit's offense off the field.

yes, but we don't want to hurt Stafford. Yall know who the backup is. My boy Shaun will dink and dunk us, and never let our offense get on the field.

but yes seriously, I'd rather Shaun not enter the game.
Originally posted by Kolohe:
Big question will be, how does our defense stop the jump ball to CJ??

Goldson over the and have hit time the hit right into CJ's teeth.

....basically the only way is an illegal hit now.
you cant. Control the time of possession on offense and pressure stafford is the best way to 'stop' johnson
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