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***SF 49ERS VS. HOU TEXANS GAMEDAY THREAD (Preseason Week 3)***

Originally posted by billbird2111:
Some general observations:

1. We played vanilla ball last night and will continue to play vanilla ball until the season starts. Schaub carved us up because we gave him the same look all game long. Our defense will not look like that against Seattle. Short and simple: I'm not worried.

2. Alex Smith still can't hit the broad side of a barn while under pressure.

3. Kaep. isn't ready and looks lost -- almost like a deer in headlights.

4. Finally, and this was the most laughable of things: I just loved hearing about the reports of "extra security" and "no crowd control problems." Of course there weren't any crowd control problems! Do you know what's required for a "crowd control problem?" Hmm, it just might be the key term of "crowd." Candlemistake Park was EMPTY last night. It was so EMPTY that it was downright EMBARASSING. Yet, not one mention was made of the lack of butts in seats during the TV or radio broadcasts from what I could hear and see. The only time TV did a crowd shot was coming back after break, and boy you could really see those thousands upon thousands of empty seats.

5. Based upon what I saw last night, the Niners will be blacked out during one, two or maybe even three home games this season.

Smith was under pressure during the raiders game and hit his targets Bill. You would be more accurate if you had said Smith can't hit the broad side of a barn while he is being sacked/hit.
Just finished rewatching the game. Ok I'm lying I could take it until halftime. Either way the entire offensive line looked like crap. Everyone made mistakes. Staley, Davis Iupati and Goodwin.

Antonio Smith was destroying us by himself.
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Originally posted by Memphis9er:
Originally posted by 80849er4life:
Well yea I wouldnt start blazing up with a kid right in front of me and go ahaed and give him a shotgun, and some 2nd hand fun....of course not...would eating it in a brownie or a cookie also be deemed a bad habit?....or is it the smoke that catagorizes it a "bad habit"?

Smoking is just bad for you. Brownies are good, but personally the sour kush I have tastes better smoked. I guess everyone has a bad abit or two, but personally I see marijuana as one of the least damaging or dangerous of the vices.Only hypocrisy keeps it illegal while any person can go get drunk and get behind the wheel of a car. Enjoy the game and be safe brothers, sisters and little ones.

Couldnt agree with you any better.......
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