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the eating crow for FA

Originally posted by 671GOLDRUSH:
ALEX SMITH a top 10 QB this yearwith all the new toys?

I'll eat crow big time...but, I'm not going to lose my mind at the same time.
Originally posted by gold49er2183:
Originally posted by NickSh49:
Originally posted by obx49:
Originally posted by 671GOLDRUSH:
ALEX SMITH a top 10 QB this yearwith all the new toys?

Alex? No.

PHIL JENNINGS? Absolutely.

where and why did the phil jennings thing start?

Started 2 years ago roughly. Just someone trying to make believe alex was reborn. Sadly even in fairytale mode, he still sucks.
Originally posted by NinerBuff:
count me in too
Yep....My bad partna...
Originally posted by Wodwo:
Originally posted by PopeyeJonesing:

I have been defending Baalke this whole time, but I had no idea we'd get a haul like this.

I just want to say that don't believe the jerks who say "I told you so!"

They're lying, we're just as surprised and happy as you are!


Good post.

Full of truth.

I just had patience, not expectations. This is a shocker.

Originally posted by aman49:
Niner Talk is killing me...

From "worst" to "best" free agency in team history in just TWO days.

Like I said in another post, I don't mind waiting until the dust settles till we sign FAs. What a difference a week makes.

Harbaugh doesn't strike me as a guy who rushes in - Harbaugh knows this is an unusual offseason and he was probably letting those who want to spend more do just that.
Aight...this crow is some goooooood ish...
The Edwards signing doesn't mean anything. He can be good or he can be very average.
Remember how D-Jax worked out?
It is heartnening to see the Niners make these last minute moves. Adding Goodwin, Whitner and Edwards helps our team's chances a lot more in 2011 than the roster we had a couple days ago. Some notes to go with BrianGo's listing of free agent players signed by the team, in addition to Corcoran, who was also signed:

Braylon Edwards- A nice potential addition to the WR's. 53 receptions in 2010 was not impressive, but 17.1 yards/catch and 7 TD's is nice. Living in Ohio, and watching a ton of Browns' games over the years, I have to say "Buyer Beware". The kid is an underachiever, and has hands of stone. Ted Ginn hands of stone. But, certainly worth the risk for the money, especially with Crabtree down for awhile. Edwards, who is never going to win the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award, still has to clear a potential legal hurdle, as mentioned from Fox News in the story below today:

NFL free agent Braylon Edwards could face legal trouble Thursday for his role in a fight that broke out at a bar in Birmingham, Mich., early Monday, the Detroit Free Press reported.

A statement from South Bar, in downtown Birmingham, implicated Edwards in the incident that saw two of his cousins charged with felonious assault after allegedly attacking two bouncers with a pocket knife and a fork.

"Braylon Edwards was present and involved, but it's an ongoing police investigation, so at this time, we don't have any further information," the bar confirmed Tuesday.

The Free Press also reported that "privately, employees at South Bar said Edwards was spurring on his cousins rather than trying to get them to stop fighting."

Edwards' cousins, brothers Tre Lenard Wright, 19, and Edmund Jerrell Wright, 22, both pleaded not guilty Monday.

Donte Whitner- Another big name acquisition who has underachieved, like Edwards, but presents good value in this contract, especially when analyzing the Niners' secondary. Like Edwards, the team really did not have much interest in retaining him, and like Edwards, did not have big interest to be picked up around the league.

He's still young, and can be a guy who holds the fort for two years, but Buffalo fans were not heartbroken over his departure, which should temper some Niners' fans enthusiasm. A good, but not great player.

Johnathan Goodwin- As mentioned last night on the Goodwin thread, he's going to be 33 during this season, and the Saints left him to walk. He was the 7th, 8th, 9th center (if someone can verify that would be great) to sign in free agency. Might hold up two years, and the best part is that it frees Snyder to replace Rachal. Got a lot of help in NO with their two monster All-Pro guards.

Carlos Rogers- As in common with the previously mentioned threesome, not much interest around the league. Definitely a second or third tier CB at this point, and nowhere near the level of Asomugha, Joseph, Taylor, or even Carr...but miles better than T. Brown. So, another good one year signing.

Antwan Applewhite- He is a roster filler, a guy who is a team's fourth OLB. Not worthy of being excited.

Larry Grant- A big hustle guy who will compete for a backup ILB role. Good special teamer.

I get the idea that many want a collective crow eating to take place on the board. I'm not sure why this is so important to them. Some are calling for people to aplogize. Now, that is bizarre. Maybe they believe Trent Baalke is a genius, and the master plan fell into place. Maybe they just want to dismiss any criticism against ownership. I guess Trent and Jed have many relatives on the board.

Well, I can guarantee that this was not the master plan. This was not even the backup to the master plan or the backup to the backup to the master plan. It was a complete failure up front, with a mad scramble to pick up big-named players who are in the back side of their career, or have massively underachieved. A celebration for big-named guys that virtually nobody wanted in free agency is not a reason for an "aha" moment, or a demand for crow-eating.

Will the acquisitions help the team? I think so. Edwards brings a big play ability, but will also crush your heart. However, fans have to ask themselves: why was there so little interest around the league for him? The same goes for Whitner and Rogers. All of them are better than the current man on the roster,so this makes me happy. But is any a "difference maker", someone who will take a team to the next level? No.

That is my opinion.

Now, on to Taylor Mays. And... suddenly, without warning, the "aha" crowd goes defeaningly silent.


[ Edited by MadDog49er on Aug 4, 2011 at 17:58:27 ]
Since Jonas Jennings.

Y'all some bipolar ass muthaf**kas!!!! Lol
Originally posted by Aussie49er:
A number 1 overall and number 3 overall from the same draft.

Who says the NFL isn't like Madden

We had 2 #1 picks at quarterback last year. Look where that got us.

This is a fine offseason, but just like I didn't criticize Balke after missing out on Joseph and Aso I'm not praising just yet either. Braylon's underachieved everywhere he's went, pass rush is still uncertain, and who knows if Soap can take over for Franklyn.

It's a B minus offseason and the moves could be forgotten by week 5 if things go bad. Rogers, Braylon 1 year deals.
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Originally posted by MadDog49er:
It is heartnening to see the Niners make these last minute moves.

Baalke accepts your apology and is enjoying serving you some crow.
Originally posted by Wodwo:
Originally posted by MadDog49er:
It is heartnening to see the Niners make these last minute moves.

Baalke accepts your apology and is enjoying serving you some crow.

Keep reading, brother.
I was kinda worried for awhile, but still had faith in my 49ers & thought we was going with a major youth movement.
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