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Colin Kaepernick’s Throwing Style

Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
Originally posted by mayo49:
Kap kind of looks like he pushes the ball, ala David Carr. Just saying.

that is the worst comparison by far. they arent anything alike, but good try though.
A guy who brings up former hot topics, that seem lame now.
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Got a 11 pages of some real astute stuff (Pro-Kap guys were genius, Anti-Kap guys ....well they slither away and seem kinda clown like now). All this talk on throwing motion. So many hope I wouldn't bring this up again. Why do you take advice from these geniuses??
The next great one !!!!!!!!!
I noticed his throwing style at the Super Bowl. It was the first time I saw him live. Damn that ball comes out quick out of his hands. We were able to get down near the end zone before the game and it was ridiculous how effortlessly he throws that football

New to the board by the way.
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Gets me wet
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