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49ers 2011 Season PREDICTIONS

Originally posted by WINiner:
I see 4-12, 5-11 in that schedule, maybe worse considering our QB situation. We could be in the Luck/Barkley sweepstakes legitimately.

I guess gutting out another losing season wont be that bad, especially if we make it out of this with a franchise QB.

I hate losing tho, in recent years, the offseason has been more fun that the regular season.
Ive' been optimistic since 2006 seeing the niners taking the division but with this whole lock out thing delaying everything & seeing that the niners are leaning towards bringing back to Smith even with a rookie QB we wont win more than 6 games

give me a STUD QB like Palmer, Orton, McNabb or even Bulger & we wont do worse then

6-10 BOOK IT!!!

but it wouldnt surprise me if we went 4-12
Originally posted by NinerBuff:

Arizona x2
Seattle home
St. Louis home
Washington away
Cincinnati away
Cleveland home

looks about right. since we've been between 6 and 8 wins the last few season, this is a safe bet.

@ .500 or better.
O how the mighty have fallen....
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Right now I have us projected at 9-7/10-6/11-5 range, based on the fact that I think we were a much better team than what was displayed on the field. Our old coaching staff can't hold a candle to what we have now, and I'm sure one way or another we will have better QB play, new/improved additions on defense, better schemes, and hopefully Frank G. @ 100%. I guess if we improve on all the mistakes we had last year and count better coaching/scheme for a value of 2-3 wins that puts us at 10-6.
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I just don't see the 49ers having any offense with no QB and no time to train the offensive players.
Originally posted by fryet:

I just don't see the 49ers having any offense with no QB and no time to train the offensive players.

Unfortunately this will probably happen. We don't have a QB and it looks as if the lockout is going to go the distance. If our guys don't start practicing before July, we could easily finish with 4 or less wins.

If the labor dispute gets handled by June, that will change everything. This thread would be better suited once the NFL and players come to an agreement.
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9-7 at best. This schedule mixed with the lockout and its implications....Man....
I think Harbaugh will prove all of you guys wrong
and we will go 9-7 and win our division, with Alex as our quarter back

Originally posted by blunt_probe:
1 Sun, Sept. 11 vs. Seattle Seahawks L
2 Sun, Sept. 18 vs. Dallas Cowboys L
3 Sun, Sept. 25 at Cincinnati Bengals W
4 Sun, Oct. 2 at Philadelphia Eagles L
5 Sun, Oct. 9 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers L
6 Sun, Oct. 16 at Detroit Lions L
7 Bye
8 Sun, Oct. 30 vs. Cleveland Browns W
9 Sun, Nov. 6 at Washington Redskins W
10 Sun, Nov. 13 vs. New York Giants L
11 Sun, Nov. 20 vs. Arizona Cardinals W
12 Thu, Nov. 24 at Baltimore Ravens L
13 Sun, Dec. 4 vs. St. Louis Rams W
14 Sun, Dec. 11 at Arizona Cardinals W
15 Mon, Dec. 19 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers L
16 Sat, Dec. 24 at Seattle Seahawks L
17 Sun, Jan. 1 at St. Louis Rams L

We go 6-10 due to the lockout screwing us out of training camp, a chance at FA, as well as the possibility of getting a QB. I think '12 will be our year.

That is pretty much what I have, except I have us a 8-8 by winning the last two games. With all of the trouble the lockout will give us that might not be that bad. Then we jump to 10 -12 wins in 2012.
6-10 is my realistic guess. its tough without any FA and pre-draft, but what else is there to do. ho-hum.
Originally posted by JD81:

8-8 at best. This schedule mixed with the lockout and its implications....Man....

........ Fixed

How can you predict a 9-7 record? We couldn't even come CLOSE to that last year. And that was in a year where we were supposed to have been practically GIVEN the division, in a year where we had one of the EASIEST schedules, and in a year where we had a QB who was SUPPOSED to do good because it had been the first time he had some continuity at the OC position.

I'd be shocked if we got at LEAST 8 wins this year...
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