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Things more reassuring than a Jed York guarantee

Ah yes, Jed York guaranteed things will go on. That makes me feel great. I thought to myself, is there anything more reassuring than Jed's guarantee? Do you trust anything more? Here's something I probably would trust more...

sandiego in 3...2...1...
ha this reminds me of the things that block better than Kwame Harris thread lol
Originally posted by TheG0RE49er:
sandiego in 3...2...1...

Don't forget area49! Unless that dude got rightfully banned. Or, they may be the same person.

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A Large Farva
An unscratched lottery ticket.
I thought this was a Shaj thread.


Patrick Willis mall shoping.
How about a Singletary guarantee!
Originally posted by EscuelaVieja:

Is that Jed in the red? lol
used condom...
Originally posted by Howlett:
How about a Singletary guarantee!

good first post
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