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Who is your favorite Niner currently with the team?

Who is your favorite Niner currently with the team?

Originally posted by hb123:
alex smith? really?

Can't help who ya like. Sometimes you don't choose them, they choose you.
Do I like these players as 9ers?

Ray Mac...Definately!
D.Walker...Definately! If he can avoid injuries.
Gore...Yes, could have been used better, not as bell cow
V.Davis...Yes, needs to develop instincts (possible?)
Crabtree...Not yet, needs to show up on time and ready to play
Morgan...Not yet, how good? Backup or starter?
Iupati...Prob, Rookie will likely be a monster
Alex Smith...OK, can he put it together with a good coach?
Dixon...OK, needs to show more
Westbrook...?, wasn't used effectively until the end of the year
Clements...Yes, would be better in a more agressive scheme
Lawson...OK, gone?
Mays...Yes, despite myself! Potential galore
Goldson...Not yet

Definately = Guys I think have played to potential.
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Gore, love the swagger.
Willis and vernon are tied for 2nd
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I was torn between J. Smith and P. Willy. They both have the same tough mindset but I went with J.Smith because our DL does not get enough love.
Its gotta be Pat Willis, he's not only the best player on the team, but the best MLB in the NFL!!!
Nate Davis is my all time favorite 49er.
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Originally posted by skynet907:
Nate Davis is my all time favorite 49er.

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Gore, he has been the best of the worst during a long span of lean years. I hope he gets to play in a play-off game before he is put out to pasture.

I voted Gore.

He deserve to go to the playoffs.
Alex Smith of course because....

IM JUST KIDDING!!! Sorry mods - I'm sorry. Seriously - just kidding!!!

Willis, VD, Gore, and Crabtree are my favorites. If i had to choose just one it would be #52
29 people voted Alex Smith as their favorite??? Seriously???

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