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Honest Expectations of 2011 Season...

16-0, TheSixthRing's name will finally make sense.
I would like to see them do well, but there are wayyy too many things that need to be fixed. With the CBA looming, uncertainty at QB, and new HC, I see about 6-8 wins.

If the CBA is handled in a timely manner, they pickup a quality FA QB, and draft well, we could very easily win the division. If the CBA is delayed, we are going to be put in a very bad situation.
We'll have a better than expected season. Make the playoffs. Everyone will be on Harbaughs dick. Then the following year we'll go back to a sub .500 team and all will begin to dismantle.

so it was written.
With a real QB 8-8 or 9-7. With one of the QB's currently on our roster 4-12.
Probably not more than 7 to 8 wins. I think we'll struggle a little.

Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
16-0, TheSixthRing's name will finally make sense.

no it wouldnt
1) Maintain good run D while improving on pass D ranking. No more giving up deep passes or making mistakes that cost us the game (see: Goldson in Saints game, Mays in Panthers game, Clements in Falcons game, etc.)

2) One vet QB (whether it's A. Smith, Kolb, whomever...) that will keep us competitive this season while Harbaugh & Co. develop rookie QB. Carr will be riding the bench this season although I prefer we just release him and be done with it.

3) Improved pass-rush, doesn't matter if it's our OLB, MLB or DEs as long as we increase our aggressiveness/blitzing and keep medium to deep pass completions to a minimum since our secondary was the weakness this past season.

4) With all these issues addressed, there's no way we couldn't finish with a realistic 10+ wins and win the division...assuming we sweep division rivals, too.

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So many areas that need repair. It is hard to see this team winning more than 6 games next year. It starts with finding a QB that is willing to come here with the understanding he is just a "teaser horse," not the one that will ultimately get the girl. That will be very hard to find. People like McNabb but he will not want the role of bridesmaid. He will go someplace where the team has a chance of getting back to the playoffs. All the rest are unknown/unproven guys.

Finding a pass rusher.

Will Frank Gore come back from a serious injury? He already has a lot of miles on him. He is the only serious offensive threat on the team. Without him the offense will be completely on the shoulders of a QB from the scrap pile of other teams.

Replacing Manny Lawson.

Getting faster and better throughout the secondary but especially at safety.

A true deep threat at WR.

Finding a solution at RG.

Will Heitmann be able to play again at center? The team missed his experience in making blocking calls.

Finding a replacement for Franklin - I am assuming he will get a larger offer from another team than the 49ers will be willing to match.

Coaching up the OL. Other than Iupati, who played better in the second half, the OL was a huge disappointment last season.

Those are the headaches that Harbaugh has now and there are some others.
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deadly in preseason. Too early to tell in regular season.
Perfect storm, no lock out, Niners Draft Von Miller, Trade for Kolbe, and sign Assum-what- the f**k kinda name is that- Whaa!

11-5 NFC west champs, beat Greenbay in NFC championship game and destroy the Baltimore Ravens in the first "Battle of the Brother" Super Bowl!


Way too early to tell but I will say this,

much of my expectation hinges on Alex Smith.

If he's back, I have the lowest of expectations.

If he's not back we have to see who the replacement is. Regardless, whoever it is I'll have higher expectations that with Smith.

I will not turn this into a thread about him, I'm simply saying that I have no hope with him on our team.
When I made my point about players who are mistake prone, a poster called me out about Alex.

Good point. But no QB is mistake free; they throw INTs and fumble the ball away from time to time, even the best ones. Yes, even our esteemed Steve Young. Indeed, in 1993, when he had played more games for the 49ers than Alex has, he threw 16 INTs and fumbled 8 times, losing it 5 times.

According to ESPN stats, Alex has only lost a total of 3 fumbles during the last two years (in 22 games), and while he threw 10 INTs this year during 11 games, he only threw 1 during his last 6 games. It is interesting how people can create a false reality in their mind.
Originally posted by GolittaCamper:
Perfect storm, no lock out, Niners Draft Von Miller, Trade for Kolbe, and sign Assum-what- the f**k kinda name is that- Whaa!

11-5 NFC west champs, beat Greenbay in NFC championship game and destroy the Baltimore Ravens in the first "Battle of the Brother" Super Bowl!


Originally posted by fakers23:
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Originally posted by LoboLtnLvr49er:
If we keep Alex Smith 7-9. If we pick up a veteran QB via trade like Kolb or McNabb 8-8 or 9-7. If we go with Carr and a rookie this year 6-10, possibly 5-11. Of course this is my thinking as of today. Once I know about the status of the CBA, the draft and our free agent pick ups, I'll probably have a more solid prediction. However, my excitement towards the beginning of football season tends to skew any logical prediction I may offer with pure blind optimism that the 49ers will make it to the playoffs.

I agree it all dpends on QB.. if it Kolb,McNab,Palmer or someone like that. Then I get excited. If it status quo... Sorry,I wont bother watching... I have seen the movie before. It always ends bad..

The problem is that I do not see any one of the available veteran QBs taking us to the SuperBowl. I have no doubt that with any one of them the playoffs are a possibility, but not deep into the playoffs. McNabb and Palmer are getting older and I seriously believe Kolb could be found in the draft and is not worth 2 first round picks. I want to see my Niners win, but I would not like the team to be raped in the process losing draft picks for non-elite veteran QBs. I prefer to build through the draft and keep as much draft picks to build a respectable and deep franchise. If this means getting a Veteran QB for not higher than a 5th round pick or biting the bullet and resign Alex Smith in hopes to groom a legitimate QB from our draft class, so be it. Bottom line is, I do not want to give away the franchise for a playoff birth. We are the 49ers and playoff births are unacceptable to me. Moreover, I'm well aware of our drought of a winning season; nevertheless, I am not content with a playoff team ala the Eagles. I want to build a Superbowl team not a band-aid playoff team.

Bring Alex Back is not improving.. If you want many championships as you say you do... You have to cut the cord now! Alex has proven he can't do the job.. His record speaks of that... I'm all for grooming a QB.. If that what you want,but you don't want a guy being grooming by a Alex with his track record. Plus frankly I'm just tired of watching a season full of promise go up in smoke,because of a postion we continue to ignore.

P.S. What really makes me hate it even more... Is having to watch other teams get Qbs and seeing them improve... Why we are stuck in the same losing postion.. I had to watch a QB we should of taken win a Super Bowl.. Yet you want to tell me I have to watch more of Alex and his 0-5 starts.. I'm sorry,but no thank you!

Great then don't watch and stop posting.

Nobody likes losing.

We finally have a good coaching staff and GM in place. They know more than us so lets let make the decisions and root for the team they field.
Win the division - lose the second game in the playoffs
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