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Uncle Joey and Uncle Jesse in 49er gear on Best Fans Ever commercial

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Originally posted by solidg2000:
Originally posted by kw49:
I thought this would be appropriate for this thread.

So are you trying to tell me that the fonz didnt own the first flat screen TV?

Of course not. Everybody knows the Fonz was the first.
Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:
Should have used Dirty Harry Callahan.

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Originally posted by kw49:
I thought this would be appropriate for this thread.

problem is video doesn't work says it a private video
Originally posted by Gore_21:
Awesome commercial that apparently went over some people's heads. They put NFL apparel on tv characters based on where the show took place.

- Happy Days was Packers because it was in Milwaukee
-Full House was 49ers because they where in SF
-Family Matters was Bears because it was in Chicago
-South Park because they are near Denver and the Broncos are mentioned on the show a lot
-Dukes of Hazzard was Falcons because they where in Georgia
-Seinfeld wearing Giants and Kramer wearing Bills because it was in NYC. Newman wearing Cowboys (lol) because he hated Jerry and would probably do that to annoy him, etc.

P.S. Only other SF show I know is Monk and Monk didn't like sports.

Monk didn't like sports but in one episode he had cue cards on the weekends niner game so that he could hold a normal conversation with other cops.

Monk: [to Natalie] They're talking about football. I have that one! Give me the cards.
Natalie: No, Mr. Monk, you don't need the cards.
Monk: Give me the cards.
[Natalie hands him the cards. Monk rummages through them.]
Monk: Let's see, weather, politics, movies, swear words...
Natalie: Swear words?
Monk: Here's football.
[He looks at the cards and approaches the officers.]
Monk: You guys are talking about the football game last night? The San Francisco 49ers lost 27 points to 21 points.
Police Officer #1: Yes, we know.
Monk: It was a hell of a fourth quarter, though. It was the turn-overs. They always comeback to haunt you.
Police Officer #2: Yeah, we were just saying Rattay can't handle the pressure. Why didn't they take him out?
[Monk thinks for a moment and goes back to the cards. He returns to the police officers.]
Monk: That's true about quarterback Tim Rattay. But don't forget, he won 4 out of the 5 last home games.
Police Officer #2: But they were in Houston, Monk.
[Long pause.]
Monk: You guys want to hear some swear words?
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Originally posted by Goldrushknight:
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Originally posted by susweel:
Pretty lame that they picked full house, and only like for 1 second of face time.

wut other san fran based show would they have used?

Streets of SF, Nash, Mork and Mindy, step by step, alf, dallas, webster..too many


Mork and Mindy- took place in Boulder, Colorado(they even show them playing at Colorado's football field in opening credits),

Webster- took place in Chicago, they were die hard Chicago Bears fans made obvious in many episodes

Step by Step- took place in Wisconson near Milwalkee(they were die hard Packers fans which is emphasised in many episodes),

Alf- took place in Los Angeles(in the piolot episode the alien alf crash lands to a middleclass family home in L.A.,

Dallas- Helllllo!!! Dallas, Texas... Enough said

But you were right on two of the shows Nash bridges and (the transparent) Streets of SF. 30% of all sitcoms in Tv history's plot takes place in SF. So there are endless show's to choose from. By the way Full House was a great show!!! They represented Niner Nation!!!

Lol @ all these random non SF shows. I remember Party of Five was shot in the city they used to wear 49er gear too if I recall correctly. That show would have worked you wouldn't even had to edit it.
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