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MM responded to my ? on FB

my question:

Matt, Please answer this: I know before Singletary even got the position of HC on this team, a local writer who's name I can't recall wrote a report that laid out the family man Singletary is how he didn't work the grinding hours that othe...r coaches do and he made time for his family.

Did Singletary as a HC work less hours than would normally require to do the job properly? If so, did that cause a lot of tension within the coaching staff and organization? It would be odd to see the HC leaving early while the assistants are sitting there working away.

Please comment


Matt Maiocco Rah, it's my impression that Singletary did not spend as many hours at the office as the typical coach. I'm almost positive most of his assistant coaches -- certainly the carryover coaches -- did not think he had much to offer in the way of useful ideas. Jeff, teams generally do not allow playbooks to get out.
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Ah Singletary hating. Never gets old.
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I remember reading that he didn't spend the necessary hours because he wanted to still be a family man. No wonder his teams always looked unprepared.
Yeah, anpare this to Harbaugh's 8000 Ms with the Raiders.
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shocking news!
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Wait you mean Sing was a useless moron? No wai.
"I'm not trying to out-think anybody." (Mike Singletary)
Less thinking = less work.
haha. I'm shocked.
his response:

umm ahhhh were gonna have to watch the film

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Wouldn't matter if he put in 120 hour weeks.
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Experience generally leads to organization and confidence. Such people don't have to spend as much time as those lacking experience and confidence. Singletary did not have the experience and so relied on a huge staff...and we can see how that worked.
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Originally posted by BobS:
Wouldn't matter if he put in 120 hour weeks.
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