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Which defense do you prefer next year in SAN FRANCISCO??

Is this a debatable topic ?

Do we draft a big prospect in Patrick Peterson from LSU or go with a high profile QB ?

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if we keep TKO, 3-4. If he's gone, 4-3 and draft a DE.
Depends on who the Defensive Coordinator is
JasonLaCanfora Some execs I've talked to figure defensive coordinator Vic Fangio will join Harbaugh with the 49ers in the same role

If thats true, we will be running a 3-4
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With Fangio, or anybody else, we're a 3-4 team all the way.

We are a QB and DB away from being able to win playoff games. You don't make wholesale changes to the defense in that scenario. Especially when our division is so winnable.
then we better f'n lock up Spikes!
I keep seeing this, but Fangio has extensive experience with running a 3-4 and 4-3 defense.
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big nickle

4-3. losing franklin and lawson will hurt us
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I would prefer to not totally destroy the 49ers and go back to a 4-12 season. Current defense has been adequate - let's improve on that instead of trying to rebuild both the offense and defense this year.
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big nickle

Even though it hasn't turned out for us yet, the 3-4 is just a better defense if you can get it to work.

There are reasons why so many teams are going to the 3-4. If you can get it to work, it is the most effective D that has been devised.
i would like to keep the 3-4 but add that CB or pass rush that we have been missing.
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