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The WCO system is very complicated and takes years to perfect as a qb. A rookie qb will struggle greatly just learning the WCO playbook. Add to that, the speed of the NFL is 10 times that of college, which makes playing so much more difficult. In the WCO, making quick progressions is a must! Anybody who thinks a rookie qb is gonna come in and run the WCO like we remember it is gonna be sorely disapointed.

We must get a vet FA that has experience in the WCO for the 1st 2 years while a qb be take in the 1st can sit and learn. Think about it, Steve Young sat for years learning the WCO and the beloved Rodgers (on this board) sat for years behind Bret. Then maybe in year 3 we are off to the playoffs, that is if the qb we take pans out (not a sure thing).

So, you ruling out Nate Davis next year then?