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Confirmed - Alex Smith to start against Seahawks on Sunday

I'm actually curious to see how Alex will perform.

I wonder if he has given up along with the rest of the team.
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My god, can we please just draft a QB in the 1st round or trade for one nest year and stop this QB carousel.
Originally posted by tn9er:
Originally posted by JerryRice1848:
Alex Smith get revenge and wins 31-3 over the Seahawks

apparently you haven't seen our defense play!!!

Apparently you haven't seen ALEX play.
Bad move.

Anyone who thinks this is going to make a difference, positive or negative, is a fool. Hopefully he makes a good showing and gives himself a chance to get picked up by a decent team.
Alex will play out way out of the top 10 draft choice, yet we still wont make playoffs. Not to mention start another controversy about him staying as a 49er. Please make it stop already! I want Sing and Alex to be gone from this team period!
At least the f**king coach made the decision at the right time instead of on Wed., our team would have been dust against Seattle with the 'not knowing who's who' I believe. I cannt believe Sing finally did something right. Regarding the decision itself, alex knows the game better and deserves an eighteenth chance. Alex also is very faithful to the team so put him in. Let's go.
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Originally posted by smithgdwg:
I'm actually curious to see how Alex will perform.

I wonder if he has given up along with the rest of the team.

I'm curious too, you just don't know which Alex Smith you'll get from week to week.
This Confirmed that Sing has no business running a team. You have a healthy alex last week and he sit's. Now you go well troy sucks but alex doesn't suck as much concept going on. He's A Idiot, im done playoffs please stop. I hope we loss next week so we can just stop with this b.s. that he feeds us. Go watch film of Andrew luck if you want to see what a talent qb looks like sing.
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IF the line plays like it has in the past two weeks, Alex Smith could look pretty good spreading the ball arou..... oh, wait. I forgot -- we still have Singletary....

We've already set back our franchise 5-6 years by drafting this guy. I don't want to go backwards anymore.
jesus christ man. when is the s**t ever going to end?
Can we bench the coaches instead. Troys been suckin since Sing decided to fix his tendancies
Awesome...Alex will collapse against Seattle like he did last year with the playoffs still a possibility.

Can't check down to Gore on Sunday.

The boos will start early and Alex will fail with all the mounting pressure like he usually does.

At least, we will have a higher draft pick.
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