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Niners Christmas wish list.

So what's on your Niners Christmas wish list?

Here's mine...

#1 a new O minded head coach.

#2 a good West Coast style QB.

#3 a true shutdown corner.

#4 a fast WR that can catch and run good routes.
I'll just start with a new HC like Gruden or Billick.... and a new DC that favors a 4-3 scheme.

Originally posted by valrod33:
Dream Offseason for me. Im going with Harbaugh staying with Stanford after being offered a new contract and Gruden really staying with ESPN

Hire Billick or Holmgren. Mangini is doing a good job in Cleveland this year and its gonna be hard for the Holmgren to fire him and take his job if he keeps it up

If its true that the Bengals may look to get rid of Carson Palmer and I say we should make a move for him. He has played s**tty at times this year but he still better than anybody we have right now he has 20 Tds and 15 Ints this year and maybe a move back to California helps him out

Draft a one of the 2nd tier QBs and develop him under Carson for a year or 2


Draft a Corner in the First round if both of the top 2 CBs are gone draft a WR like Green to pair up with Crabtree.
A) 4 more losses so that we can get a decent draft pick because the season is over
B) John Harbaugh
C) An elite QB -- at least to sit behind Troy for a year
D) A defense that attacks and forces game breaking plays
E) A real secondary
F) A fierce pass-rusher
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New QB that can hit his recievers when their open.
new owners
Peace and goodwill towards all mankind.

Even Cowboy fans.

Well, mostly.

Oh, and by the way, a coach who can, a qb who can and a shutdown corner who can and does. And an O line would be nice.

Ho ho ho

take your pick
and in regards to Carson Palmer
1. A new Offensive minded coach, who brings in a new DC
3. Cut morgan/zeigler get someone out there with speed, so crabtree can be what he is.. a #3 receiver
4. draft like 4 young Cb's and someone to take goldsons place.
5. Scrap the oline, make some trades if needed, but don't go into next year with the same trash.

A good GM
A gun so I can put myself out of this misery.
New offensive minded HC (hopefully a good one)

Franchise QB

Speedy WR

Another RB

another good guard

New FB

ON Defesne

Pass rushers

young CB's

vet Safety
1) A big fricking net for the Yorks to catch a clue. This team needs ANOTHER overhaul.
2) Jed eliminates all the excess baggage in the front office and hires a GM to handle the football operations, then stays out of the way.
3) GM hires a new offensive minded HC and let's him bring him his own coaching staff.
4a) GM and new coach decide who to keep for the long term in free agency.
4b) Draft a QB and sign another in Free Agency.
5) A return to respectability
Where do I start?
A QB to develop.
TWO corners.
Speed receiver who can actually catch.
Pass rusher.
And finally, new coaches (head, receivers and possibly OC and DC).
Almost forgot, I didn't even mention new ownership; preferably the Young/Jones consortium.
Enough for you?
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