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Frank Gore out for season

Wish Mr. Gore a full recovery. With your heart Kid, I know you'll be back. Like you haven't do it before, right?! Come on Man!!!
I just changed from ESPN to NFL network to find out this news. I guess talking about the Miami Heat & next Mondays game is more important than reporting injuries on teams in the NFC west. I can't stand ESPN anymore....
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They ran this guy until his wheels fell off.

Troll much?

More like, much truth.

You need a tissue?!

the sad part is it is true. The guy has been 90% of the offense for how many years now? It was bound to happen. At least we have 2 capable back ups to take his place and pick up the slack without a loss in production.

If we had a diffrent head coach I would agree, but Singletary is not willing to adjust the game plan to the RBs running style. WB has a small frame and is concussion prone and Dixon is a big back that runs small (though he is getting better).

Actually, I thought that Sing did a pretty good job of balancing runs between Dixon and Westbrook. He played Dixon on the short runs and goalline, and gave Westbrook the load everywhere else. Pretty balanced, IMO.

Actually that is not the case. Dixon came in on one series where WB didn't get the TD. After that however, WB got all the carries until the game was far out of reach. The reality is, M.Robinson would of looked like a stud RB tonight the way AZ was playing.
With one game back of the division, we need the Tank. And Gore that is, not the thing the Warriors fail at miserably year after year.
hope its not a career ending injury/ Get well frank
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April Fools!!!!
are these type of hip injuries rare?
Gore has Garrison Hearst (bad) luck but luckily he has his heart and passion as well. Do not count Franky out for next year.
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Originally posted by Kolohe:
April Fools!!!!

I wish......
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If we make the Playoffs WITHOUT gore that is gonna suck big time who knows when Gore will make the playoffs. Too good of a back not to play in a playoff game.

IF it happened I would be heartbroken for Gore. The guy who was with us from the beginning and who put his heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears into this team that would be awful. The bright side is we would be in the playoffs and also TKO would get his first appearance in the playoffs in his 13 year career and not break that record showed on MNF.

Jesus "Glen Coffee, I want you to return to the San Francisco 49ers"
Hip injuries are nothing to f**k around with. Bo Jackson and Priest Holmes both had to end their careers way too early because of hip injuries. You gotta place some of the blame on Singletary, 40% of the plays to Gore? That's an NFL record percentage of usage for one player. Just a huge systematic failure of this team's structure this season.

Please come back healthy Frank.

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I haven't heard this on ESPN yet...
Originally posted by socal81:
Jesus "Glen Coffee, I want you to return to the San Francisco 49ers"

Uhhh... NO.
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Yah, how do they know it's season ending already?
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