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Do you fire singletary if we go 7-9 but make the playoffs?

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I feel embarrassed that we are playing in a national telecast on MNF.

sorta like masturbating in public

I feel kinda the opposite. I'm actually excited. I hope the team turns in a great performance on a national stage to prove to themselves (The team) and us (the fans) and to the rest of the world that we are not the worst team in the NFC west.

I hope so, sing is what like 3-1 against the cards? so hopefully we can beat a warnerless team.
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i would but if the niners make the playoffs sing's job is safe.
Originally posted by rob28:
i would but if the niners make the playoffs sing's job is safe.

i hope not. guy has shown a consistent track record of fielding a team that is unprepared every sunday
I wanted him fired like 6 weeks ago, so yes, fire sing no matter what
Yes! Falling into the playoffs by default and getting spanked by a real team in the first round doesn't change a season of ineptitude and regression.
We need to fill Sings ass with a barrel of black powder and fire him into an Al Qaeda camp. We can announce the bombardment as the Bonehead from God. We haven't developed the Rod from God yet so they have to settle for boneheads.
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I want him gone regardless of what happens.
I fire Dingelberry if he decends from heaven on a golden throne and promises 19 - 0 next year and Super Bowl Champions.

I've seen enough. I don't want this anymore. It makes me sick even when we win that this idiot is our coach...

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i would fire him even if we win a playoff game. a good coach would be raping other teams with this roster
First of all, there's a snowball's chance in you-know-where this team will finish with a record that good, given they have to play GB, SD and the Rams on the road. I see all three as losses...they may not even beat Seattle at home, since Hasselbeck seems to carve up our secondary on a regular basis. I see 6-10 or even 5-11 as much more likely that would put any playoff notions to bed for this season.
Ok since we are talking hypotheticals.

Say we do get into the playoffs and end up in the conference game where the dream run ends as the Saints go marching on to another SB. Who we pushed to OT for them to get that win. Do we still fire Sing, or do we just put this season as a very steep learning curve for coach and team? But should be far better the following season?
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I think he has to win out to stay.
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