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49ers 1pt Favorites at ARZ
Anyone watch MNF last night? The promo for next weeks game (Niners-Cards) was less than stellar.

"I wouldn't want to call these teams terrible -- but -- well -- yeah -- I'll admit -- they're terrible."

Or something along that line.

Poor ESPN. They got stuck with a turkey after Thanksgiving.
not surprising
"we will move the football"
Ppppffffftttt! I don't know who this dadgum yahoo is, but he clearly has his head so far up his ass that lump in his throat is actually his nose.
I think the Cards will win the game. The niner team especially on offense I think has quit a little bit. Its hard to go full out when you know your game plans are inferior to the other team.
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
One point is all I think we are capable of scoring, so the D will have to pitch a shutout.
Eh, maybe ARI gave up two weeks ago to our one.

oh vegas...
Jesus, might as well call it the special olympics bowl.
ESPN is going to show World Cheerleader Championships from 1995 instead of this game in hopes of getting higher ratings.
1 pt favorites after got blanked by the f**kin bucs? we'll see how it goes.
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Wow! This just goes to show how pathetic our division is this year
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