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Patrick Willis Spaceship Bandwagon to the "one day" #1 ranked 49ers D and HOF!!

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Originally posted by 49ersNoKaOi:
Originally posted by Rubberneck36:
you are either with me or you are against me...

If you are against me, I will slap you.

I'm with you!

That makes two slaps for anyone who opposes.

Originally posted by Chief:
Who is with me?

I would have jumped aboard the spaceship before he got paid big bucks.... Now, not-so-much.
Spaceship? We already had a starship, and the best you do was spaceship? How about some orginality, man?!

Anyway, make room; I'm fastening my seat belt on this mofo.
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I love it when Chief is drunk
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chief, move to SoCal so I can party with you. please.

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Ok.... after many days and nights of meditation without food or water I was finally able to figure out the perfect Spaceship Bandwagon.

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Sign me up!
do i need a passport?
I love P.Willy. He is a great player, but he is not a leader. Don't give me lead by example crap.
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