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Post Game Analysis (vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

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And to think...we had Mike McCarthy at one time...he has the Pack playing the best football in the league. Morris is showing in only his second year the very things we need in a head coach...

He actually stunk when we did have him. Now look at him. Are we cursed or what?!

He didn't have a whole lot to work with during his stint with the Niners.

Yeah that was our 1st year with the Nolan rebuilding plan. Imagine having rookie Alex smith as you QB who didn't throw his 1st TD til late in the season and fumbles while throwing the football. No one can succeed having that type of talent

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Originally posted by niners94:
None of my teams scored this weekend (Fresno State). They both have one thing in common, conservative coaches. Being conservative doesn't help you win. It just prevents plays from getting made.

Boise RAPED US lol. I gave up on Fresno a looooong time ago after Carr left.
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