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Frickz PIcz London vs Broncos Edition

Hey guys so i got back from London on tuesday, figured as always id share some of my pictures with you. Enjoy!!!

Friday Night near the Hard Rock ran into this guy

My buddy Turron and I on the field pregame at Wembley

What kind of Canon is that?!

Nice pics!

BTW... Tebow man-crush??
Tim Tebow can eat a dick

Tebow looks huge!!!! He is way bigger than Taylor Mays, I think he's got some hook up's on that Bay Area juice.

LoL No No Tebow man crush... I actually hated the guy in college, im a longhorns fan.. Just figured id be non partial and share all the good pictures i took for once.. My bad Sheesh!! Such hard critics :p

Woulda had the rest of the crabtree celebration, but my fresh battery died instantly after taking the picture. Found out when i had my mom hold onto it the magnet in her purse jacked up my battery so missed the whole celebration boo.

OK thats all for now... Hope you all enjoy.. and as always comments are welcome and the link to the whole album even tho this is most of it lol can be found on my website
awesome pix Frickz!

What Canon DSLR is that? I really miss my 5D + 5DII. And what lens did you use?
@verb : What kind of Canon is that?! A: Canon 50D DSLR with a 70-200 2.8 L Lens.

@norcal : Nice pics! BTW... Tebow man-crush?? A: Thx.. no man crush lol. good photographer catches all points

@valrod : LoL, fair enough, im not a fan, mainly took the pic with him cuz my friend is a huge gator fan and i knew it would piss him off if i got a pic with the guy.

@richie: question answered above.. and thx!!
dude you are awesome and thanks for the amazing pictures.

How do you get to go to ALL niners games? Are you Bill Gate's son or something?
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