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Which Smith should start Week 10?

Which Smith should start Week 10?

Assuming Alex Smith is healthy after the bye, who should start in Week 10 vs the Rams?
The better Smith... Troy of course!
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Troy seemed more confident than Alex ever has
Does it really matter? We still will have the same guy "calling" the plays. If we have offensive balance without turnovers we will win. Its pretty much that simple.
No question Troy Smith. A win should buy him another start.
Might as well stick with the hot hand
this isnt even a question....

its troy
Troy Smith hands down

with 2 more weeks to prepare & gain more experience he should even inprove from today's performance

going with Alexis will just make us take a another step backwards
Posting this right after a win with Troy is obviously going to make the poll one-sided, but I'm not gonna lie, I would choose Troy as of now.

Lets go TROY!!!!

Start the guy that doesn't turn the ball over 2-3 times per game.
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They'll probably give Alex and extra week so Troy will probably start anyways.
The problem with Troy, is that you know the coaching staff is going to tell him he shouldn't be passing the ball deep, and that he should be throwing to his check down or throwing it out of bounds when he rolls to his right.
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Alex of course.
the men from Troy.
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