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Photos from today

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Keep the pics coming!
From that pic, it appears that Spikes has a volleyball lodged in his throat..
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This situation concerns me.

And the look in Vernon's eyes....

its like vernon is about to undress him with his eyes

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Am still sorting out my pics of practice but you can check out my shots from the press conference and media availability on ConcertsCaptured and on Facebook.

It was awesome to be up close and personal with the players. All the staff and players were extremely friendly and accommodating, very impressive considering the current situation in the 49ers camp.

Every interaction I've had with the 49ers so far has shown they do still have class!

Now, if only we could win a few games too...!!!


I don't mean to burst you bubble or anything, but I'm positive they have been told to be friendly and accommodating because the NFL is trying to attract fans outside the US. If they were at home, they'd be much harder to access. I'm not saying they're not friendly, but they're likely not quite as friendly as they have been over there.

Agreed, there is WAY more PR going on here than for a normal home game. Still, if they are trying to make a good impression its bloody well working! (Although I am a little bit biased... :) )
To reply to everyone...

I don't think I'll be there Friday, will be at the Fan Rally as a fan and a photographer on Saturday.

Yes, Patrick looked knackered and Takeo looked like a real-life action figure!

Thanks for the compliments, glad you liked the photos. Will be posting more of practice and cheerleaders on Friday.

And to all the jokers... YES! Love it! Good job of turning my photos into funnyness! I'll obviously have to go down the humour route next time, generates WAY more interest :)
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where's Singletary??
I bet he's still looking at the film....
Yeah I mean seriously... what sort of of thing could cause a person's neck to be like that? What possible kind of exercise? Is he standing on his head and doing push-ups solely with his neck?

Originally posted by fly15:
where's Singletary??
I bet he's still looking at the film....

I think Mike is still watching the Seattle game. Every game since looks the same.
Hey all

I've just uploaded a whole new batch of Gold Rush cheerleader pics over at ConcertsCaptured.


I'll be at the Fan Rally on Saturday, I'll be the guy with the Jerry Rice shirt, Media Pass and camera! Say hi and be famous!

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