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Who is the worst QB to play a game in the York Era?

Who is the worst QB to play a game in the York Era?

Jesse Palmer

[ Edited by DaDivaRecieva15 on Oct 27, 2010 at 8:45 AM ]
Worst part Troy Smith...all of those guys had band wagonners clamoring they were the next best thing.

Dorsey and Pickett are easily the worst. I dont really count Weinke and Carr since we only saw a few snaps from Carr and one half assed game from Weinke in week 17.
Probably Dilfer, but I HATED Dorsey. I'd even take JaMarcus Russel over that guy.
Wow, this is tough. You can't go wrong with Dorsey, Pickett, Weinke or Dilfer.
Dorsey was a decent QB all the way around but that arm was like a 7th grade girls softball pitchers arm.
That dude could have really used some steroids
All I gotta say is.... DAMN WE HAVE HAD SOME s**tTY QB'S IN THE YORK ERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think you got this list all wrong, not all of them were of the York era.
cody pickett was not good, but i remember he played special teams and made some props for that
That poll looks like my mail-in ballot, a long list of bums and losers that I don't want to vote for.
Ive said it once and ill say it again...


With that being said the answer to the question is Chris Weinke.

Originally posted by bigmike55:
Alex Smith.

This because of his longevity of suck. The others were quickly discarded.
give JT a nickname of "Irish Car Bomb".

As a set I think the Yorks can compete with any other set of QB's as the worst though. Welcome to Cleveland and Detroit West.
Originally posted by wadjay:
And where is Shaun "Pie Thrower" Hill?

Are you kidding me? He is the best quarterback that we have seen play since Jeff Garcia.
Originally posted by Bobbi9698:
Originally posted by BasharCali49:
My vote was for Dorsey. He had the worst arm I've ever seen on an NFL QB.

Stenstrom was horrible...
I refuse to vote. Its a lame debate. Lets just get a good QB instead of spending energy on who was worst.

As one of the original Alex Haters I take great pride that I NEVER supported any of the other scrub asses. I refused to be fooled into that debate. Alex Smith is not the problem, the absence of a real NFL starter caliber guy is the problem.
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