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Out of all the years you've been a niner fan, is this the most

Close, but not the worst.. That year with Erikson was THE worst because I'd become so used to winning. You knew the domination had to end some day, but that didn't make it hurt any less.
Yes.. like i've mentioned before a couple of the games this year I couldn't even watch the whole way through (seahawks and chiefs games) because it was so disgusting and disappointing how we played. That is crazy for me because even when we went 2-14 and 4-12 I watched every minute of every single game. However, it was just too painful to watch us get out ass wupted like that when we had such high expectations and were suppose to be a good team this year. Also, I really wanted to see Singeltary succeed as a coach and really thought that he would, but it just didn't turn out and its heartbreaking that were 1-6. It's like a nightmare and it's just so damn unbelievable. It's so depressing and so damn frustrating.
Originally posted by ninerlifer:
Humiliating, this has been the most humiliating.

When we lost 2 games, it wasnt bad, because we had NO TALENT.

I have been running my mouth all 9 months this offseason, and this is what we get.


I agree! This is the first time I'm saying this. I WANT COACH COWHER. If this owner ship really cares about this team. They will get him at all cost! We shall see.
It's up there.

What burns me is if this team was halfway decent we would be hosting a playoff game this year.

As the SF Giants have proved, once you get in the playoffs, anything can happen.

This division epically sucks and were in last place in it.
yeah probably because we were supposed to be a lock for the NFC West champs..........LOL
Yes. But the Giants making the world series (and hopefully WINNING THIS!) has more than eased the pain. ATM, screw the 49ers. I almost laughed when we lost today.

#1 pick! We can do it!
Originally posted by SanFranAddic:
Close, but not the worst.. That year with Erikson was THE worst because I'd become so used to winning. You knew the domination had to end some day, but that didn't make it hurt any less.

this year is number 2 behind that year

number 3 would be the year we were 10-6 and didnt make the playoffs and were super hot at the end of that year (93 ?)
yes..... In past years, I didn't really expect much from this team, but this season I was CONVINCED we'd see the playoffs.... So yea, not exactly how I pictured it......
I can't remember a season worse than this one. The expectation and the hype makes the fall even harder to swallow. My truck license plate is "F09ERS", so I get questioned pretty much every where I go. Never thought I would see the day I had to defend being a Niners fan.......
Originally posted by BleedRandG:
Originally posted by Kilgore_Trout:
It is. I'm seriously considering quitting the NFL for awhile. I hate watching incompetence and it makes me too frustrated for it to be worth it. Singletary is what is wrong with this football team.

True that! Sing is the problem!

i'll tap that.

Originally posted by posayshoohaa:
disappointing is an understatement..


a 1-6 start after all the pre-season hype
putting all our faith in a former bust when there was better QBs on the market
bringing in a guy who the coaches don't even trust to throw the ball to be his primary back up
firing our GM a month before the draft
having 3 players quit from the team
firing our OCoord 3 weeks into the season
our owner making ridiculous predictions after an 0-5 start
and a coach who has generally been acting like a huge baby

I'd be more inclined to call it an extremely embarrassing failure of a season.

Originally posted by Antix:
I stepped away from the Niners two weeks ago and convinced myself the season was over. I knew it was done when we lost to Atlanta the way we did. Any team that loses in such a fashion will find ways to lose instead of finding a way to win.

This has been disappointing but I've made peace with it. I've never seen the Niners win much of anything and I gotta hear sh*t all the time about how the Niners were only ever good before my lifetime. But it is what it is. I'm a fan of losers, that's just what it is.

We do have talent and with some quality coaching we can be good. So the sky hasn't completely fallen yet.

Well said Antix. Exactly what I was thinking except instead of hearing crap about it, I have people telling me how sorry they are.
At first, disappointed.

Now, indifferent.

I will probably watch a couple more games Or all (it is hard to stay away), but I won't have any expectations.

I only say that because it was bad when we went 2-14 that year. But the thing about that year, was that we knew we were a 2-14 team. We didnt have any blinders on when looking at any aspect of the team.

Now this year, all the way around, the team is not the same.

WE won all 4 pre-season games, so that had a lot of us drinking the cool-aid. But we came out not just overconfident, but just not the same team.

Nothing has been as it should, from the top on down. We fire Raye, with the playcalling. Let MJ take over, who is successful, but Sing still has his hand in the offense. Even Crabs just said recently that we need to keep scoring.

With the QB, we didnt cater the offense to his strengths. Gore has been coming as of lately. Crabs has been getting in sync with Smith. P. Willy and the D, know that they arent playing like they should, regardless if we wanna believe or not.

Just overall, the entire team is not who they think they are, but then you have to say is that the truth. Or have ALL THE PLAYERS, just not been put in position to get the best out of each player.

Either way this is the worse IMO because there are soo many areas of our team, from Management on down, that just arent as stable, and effective as they should be. I mean how can you expect a team to be successful, when management doesnt even have their s**t together.
The last 10 have all sucked...not sure one is worse than another.
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