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Out of all the years you've been a niner fan, is this the most

Originally posted by cutbarlow:
No, 2003 was. We had just gone 10-6, won a playoff game. We lost a lot of good players during the Erickson years: Jeff Garcia, Julian Peterson, Garrison Hearst, Bryant Young. We fired coach Mariucci. Honestly, you could point to one "good" player as to the reason why we lost Peterson, Garcia, and Mariucci. We let Peterson go so we could keep Owens, then we got rid of Mariucci and Garcia because Owens didn't like them (largely, anyways). He left the team anyways.

Mariucci's replacement? Erickson, and with such a talented team, he was crap. Now look at us, we're in the middle of what unavoidably be our 8th straight non-winning season, 8th straight year without playoffs, and the 4th time since firing Mariucci that we're going to be looking for a new coach.

Our team now? Definitely more talented than the one Erickson and Donahue left us with, but we're still struggling with key areas of the team: Quarterback, O-line, receivers (they STILL haven't stepped up to be a true strength), D-line (although much improved), and Defensive backfield.

This year is a close second to 2003, but maybe now our ownership will hire somebody who knows what the hell they're doing and will start to strengthen our weak points. If only we had an ownership team who knew what they were doing.

Bryant Young played here up to the 2007 season.

Peterson was on the team after Owens had left.
At first I would probably say yes, but after giving it some thought I'd have to say no. The most disappointing years for me (been a fan since the mid 70s) had to be the years (90s) we'd lose in the championship games to the cow chips. Our expectations were very high back then anything less than a SB win was not acceptable.

My expectations for this year were not nearly as high, but I am hugely disappointed no doubt. I haven't missed a game in probably 20 years but I'm not so sure I won't go fishing this weekend...

Let's put i this way. We lost against a team that averaged a little over 10 points a game. My brain said, " Carolina is going to win this game ", but my heart said, "Come on, the 49ers are my team, we can beat the Panthers." That's it. No more going into a game giving the 49ers an edge based on sentimentality. Playing this week against the Broncos who were decimated by the Raiders - I say, " The Broncs win a horribly played game in the fog of London."

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This pathetic excuse of a football team should not be favored to win a game the rest of the season.
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Until the ownership gets a real coach we will keep losing...I had high hopes for the season but shud have known better considering we one of the worst coaching staffs n owners in the league
Originally posted by Kilgore_Trout:
It is. I'm seriously considering quitting the NFL for awhile. I hate watching incompetence and it makes me too frustrated for it to be worth it. Singletary is what is wrong with this football team.
Yes, have to agree with the comments of many here. Been watching the Niners since the early 70's -- yeah I'm old -- and the past 10 years have been the toughest for me to experience because there has been so much futility, so many false positive's. This season is the new low since we had such high expectations. We really should be performing better on the field given our overall talent. When quality of players doesn't result in win's, the root cause is the coaching. Singletary has to look at film each week to see if his nose is bleeding from the a$$ whoopin' he just got. I don't need to look at film to know what to do. Season over. Hope for coaching change. Look forward to next season.
this year outta of all the years i been watching has been the worst start to a season i have ever seen we were predicted to win the west we cant hardly win a game we have lost 4 games by 3 points or less so we could easily be 5-2 instead we are 1-6 and keep finding new excruciating ways to lose games against the falcons clements int return for would be td only to be stripped and allow the to kick game winning fg against saints alex leads 4 quarter td drive to put us up less than 2 mins in game cant stop drew brees from going down field for game winning fg. The eagles game we get way behind threatening to bench alex for carr what a joke then he goes and throws 2 tds to almost comeback only to come up short by 3 points again this week was the worst against the 0-5 carolina panthers we make matt moore look like the 2nd coming of joe montana we shut down two 1000 running backs and let matt moore throw for 300 yrds two rookie wr gettis and lafell we shut steve smith down our pass defense suck no pass rush no ints by a db we force 3 turnovers to 1 and still lose because conservative playcalling when david carr came into game 3 straight runs and punt when we were winning 20-13 wtf we are giving games away im sick of it
I'm very dissapointed in this oline.

They were supposed to be beasts.

Instead A.Davis is fail.

They are rookies , though.So there is hope.

And thats what im saying fellas, no aspect of our ENTIRE TEAM, is playing like we expected them too.

Been watching for 30 years almost and never seen the ORGANIZATION in such disarray as I do now.



Special Teams

I mean there is not one aspect of our team that I can honestly say i'd bet the house on and be confident.

Even in seasons past it was well at least we know we can ALWAYS COUNT on the Defense. But this year, their the biggest disappointment because this is one aspect we ALL knew was gonna have a great year.
Yes, due to the expectations...I thought we had a chance to go at least 9-7 with a playoff birth. Now I will be happy to win 3-4 games
I have 2 words for you guys. f**k Football

Find something else to do Sundays and save money on medical bills.
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