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Take note Singletary, See what happens...

Originally posted by rawdel:
A weapon like Westbrook needs more touches, period.

That would take creativity and there is none...
Originally posted by AKfanster:
Originally posted by Kilgore_Trout:
How about Westbrook and Dixon? Westbrook gets on the field for a screen pass and makes a vintage twenty yard gain. Then Dixon comes on and makes a quick slash and athletic leap for a TD (only to be called back by a pathetic Staley penalty). We've got talent in the backfield, and we can be using it a lot more effectively.

Oh no, God has clearly forbidden the use of ANY RB other than the bell cow. God (Singletary) simply will not have it any other way. The only time Dixon even sees the field is when Gore takes himself out of the game to catch his wind.

I agree, I really like what I see of Dixon. I also agree that we need to use Westbrook more. That can only help Gore in the long run.
Originally posted by Kilgore_Trout:
Originally posted by Chief:
Dingleberry is stubborn hard headed knucklehead, he won't change s**t.

It is amazing that he won't change, isn't it? Apparently he doesn't read many Einstein quotes.

His neanderthalic run concept is killing us. Power I alone just doesn't cut it.
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