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Resigning Lawson.

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Thank you...and now i can repharase my statement:


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Originally posted by oldman9er:

I don't think you can know that to state it so absolutely. I easily like the rush I see from Haralson and Brooks in a 3 point stance vs 2 point stance. Some rushers just respond better to having their hand in the dirt. What we do know is that we don't have the rush LBs or NT to justify being in a 3-4 scheme. I blame most of the lacking pass rush on CB cushions, but still, it's clear we don't have stud rush LBs.

We're not dumping the 3-4 this season anyway, so we're just yapping anyway.

You're right, I can't say for sure. Just my opinion from what I've seen of them. Not good enough rushing the passer and would be a liability against the run.

I wouldn't say we know we don't have a NT for the scheme. See, two can play at that game.

Not dumping the scheme this season, but who knows what will happen next year. Little early for that, though.

Anyway, I think we're all in agreement that we want an elite pass rusher. Pretty rare for forum to be unanimous.
Lawson reminds me of Julian Peterson. He's an asset and has upside. Pay the man.
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( though we will have to place priority on making sure we have the right options for RE )

My main point was that it won't make much difference because we have no pass rusher. We could list pros and cons all day, move around personnel, but in the end it would come out even. We'd be good against the run, but have a poor pass rush.

We need someone opposite Lawson to pressure the QB. If we gain access to an elite rusher, scheme should depend on their skill set. If they can't play as well in space, we should move to a 4-3.

Personally, I'd like to see us stick with the 3-4 if we can because of it's versatility and because we've been running it long enough that the players have a good knowledge of the scheme.

However, if starting from scratch, I'd always scheme to the players strengths. f**k coaches who come into new teams and start shoving square pegs in round holes. Coaches who work with what they have are the ones that create lasting innovations. That's why we have the modern 4-3 structure, let alone the 3-4.

I'll stop there before I start ranting about lack of creativity in modern football.

your right they need someone to pressure the QB. that is what i don't understand they play a 3-4 to hide what there doing to help hide there blize. but on passing down they shift to a 4-3 and play manny at DE. then he plays against the LT or RT why. The steelers find a way to get there OLB matched up agains a RB. so if there gong to use him as a DE how much does he want? he not really good as a pass rusher. if there going to use him as an OLB in 3-4 or 4-3 to cover the TE witch he is good at. great how much does he want??
I Like what Manny Lawson's can do for the team it's just a matter of how much he wants? I don't think he is as valuable as Willis on the D or Davis / Gore on the O. How much does he want and how much are they willing to pay. He is not an elite pass rusher witch make more Money?
I'd like to see Lawson's contract extended now as well. He's playing very well and would get a nice contract on the open market. I'm also praying we get Merriman, I think we can use him as a situational pass rusher and he could shine.
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morgan and goldson can walk for all I care. We need Manny.
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Originally posted by boast:
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
morgan and goldson can walk for all I care. We need Manny.

Agreed, I think reggie smith will take goldsons spot, or either Mays since he seems to be doing great in coverage..
manny is our best OLB. why would you let your best player at a position walk.
Originally posted by DaFaro49ers:
During the off-season we've been talking about this team having many potentiall Free Agents. We listed in our minds that the players worthy of the extensions were in this order:

1. Willis
2. Davis
3. Goldson
4. Morgan
5. Manny Lawson

We've gotten Willis and Davis out of the way! Obviously.....

At this point of the season, if we can re-create that same list....the players of importance are:

1. Willis
2. Davis
3. Manny Lawson
4. Morgan
5. Goldson

I truthfully feel that Manny Lawson is an asset on the field. He can tackle, especially tackles for loss. Oh and btw, the many can cover like a the replay of the 49ers/Raiders game yesterday.

So what Im saying, before Lawson continues to shine...we need to extend him before the off-season comes. Because the demand for good/great OLB is HIGH and the quality of them availiable is slim. So lets this be the official....GET MANNY LAWSON a NEW CONTRACT THREAD.!!!!!!!

Lets do this!

COMPLETELY AGREE. Perfect we need to do this

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Originally posted by Hopper:
Ray McDonald should be on that list.

Not to get off topic, but I love McDonald. He reminds me a lot of Lawson in that both are very solid players in the wrong defense. I think both players could be special in the right defense. I would love to see us in a 4-3 and sign both these guys.

McDonald, Soap, RJF, Smith
Lawson, Willis , Bowman
(Rotate Brooks)

That would be beastly.

Yeah I like the look of that front seven.
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Who leads the team in sacks?
Originally posted by Ceadderman:
This is Morgan's last year. If we want a guy to make a catch a game we can put Jason Hill back on the field. At least Hill will attempt to stretch out like Manny did yesterday.

Goldson is still raw. Not worth 7 mil a season but not worth less than 3 mil a season cause attitude is worth something in the Secondary and he's Mike Lewis now that that Loser is gone.

I said this last Offeseason Manny NEEDS to be re-signed and we need to get rid of Haralson.

People Bish about Manny not making the Sacks? Why bish? Manny is on the Strong Side and has to deal with a lot more than what Haralson has to on the Weak Side. Yet you ALWAYS see Manny around the Ball. He may not get there in Shazam! like fashion but he's there and he's ALWAYS fighting to get the Ball Carrier.

Haralson gets there too but isn't making his presence felt. Manny had the Strip Sack Fumble Recovery this season and he had this Interception. That's what Manny gives this team. The ability to create turnovers. That's SEVERELY underrated by many in this Forum.

Oh yeah, if we get Merriman wave to Haralson at the end of the Season.


I sed this in another thread but some here live and die by sack production (and spare us the juvenile jokes about sperm production u pervs). Sack = loss of yardage and a possible defensive hold. That's a good thing but not necessarily a game changer. INT= instant change of possession and usually is a game changer. After that INT the faders lost their mojo on offense and couldn't do crap. I'll take that over a sack any day.

Sign Manny he's worth keeping over Goldson or franklin. Where the hell did he go this season? Suckville?

If Merriman comes on board and responds well to being reunited with Manusky, watch the hell out.
Originally posted by hklar17:
Originally posted by boast:
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
morgan and goldson can walk for all I care. We need Manny.

True indeed. However, we obviously shouldn't pay him top NFL pass-rushing OLB money. Good money, but not break-the-bank money...obviously...right?
Goldston has been the biggest dissapointment for me this year.

Guy's got torched soooo much.
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