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Will we Make a run for the Superbowl?

Will we Make a run for the Superbowl?

Originally posted by golfing9er:
I think the thing that's helping us is that when you look at the remaining schedule is that I really only see 1 game that I don't think we can win.... and that's the SD game. SD could keep struggling this year and who knows, that may be a winnable game. But, I think come December they will be the same strong contender they always are. That being said, let's take a look at where we are now. We are an 0-5 team that should be 2-3 and maybe even 3-2. Going into this year and looking at that schedule we all knew it would be tough in the beginning. I don't think any of us thought we would beat the Saints, Falcons, or Eagles before the season started, and we even knew the Seattle game was very losable because of how tough it is to play up there. So in reality at this point we only expected to be 2-3 and more likely 1-4. I will admit that the Seattle loss and KC loss were very upsetting, but those are tough places to play in with a young offense and an OC who didn't know what he was doing. I still think this team can surprise some people and still has a very decent shot of finishing 8-8 or even 9-7 and winning the division.

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without a doubt
Originally posted by superman49er:
well, before you get berated by the gonna have to put in my two cents..

its not THAT crazy, reason being...if we can right some wrongs, and win the games we will be favored in from here on out, we'll be 8-8 or 9-7...not sure how the broncos will be in london

that can very possibly be good enough to win the west, and there is sooo much parody in the NFC right now, 2 of the favorites (dallas and minn) will be 2-3 and 1-4 after this weekend, the saints are dropping bad games and have yet to show offense dominance, and another early year favorite, the packers, are getting nailed with injuries...if we get into the playoffs, we will be rolling with a TON of momentum, anything could happen

this is a franchise that has made history in the past, lets rise back into the league's elite by making history again!

i dunno if any of you remember, but the patriots were very bad, then mediocre (much like us) before an 0-2 start then an underdog super bowl win and now theyre one of, if not the team of the decade...

i know theres gonna be a ton of.."we have no quarterback, cant happen" well a team turnaround means an alex smith turnaround, so thats what this is contingent on, lets just that i guess im not ready to admit we need to go back to rebuilding mode (perhaps in denial)

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realistically, we're a bad team with a chance to be mediocre. But a good point has been made in this thread that there are no clearly dominant teams in the NFC yet. If we go on a run and make it to the playoffs, anything can happen. Obviously, we have a major, major hill to climb, and I wouldn't put any money on this team now, and we shouldn't delude ourselves to much with such grandiose dreams, etc, etc. But whatever. The whole fun of being a fan is having completely unrealistic expectations, so until we're eliminated from contention, its super bowl or bust!
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I thought this would be at least a question that had a slim chance of a yes. Like is a Super Bowl possible under York rule? Or "I am 35 and think I will live to 75, will the 49ers win another before I die?" You seem to be asking about a play-off run this year,
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If we can make the playoffs I don't think it's stretch to say we can some games. We've played Minnesota, Indy, and Atlanta tight on the road over the past 2 years. We almost beat New Orleans. If this team can come together we're not a push over.

We're not going to run the table for sure but 8-9 wins is possible and that could be enough to win this sh*t hole of a division. The way I see it win all 5 remaining division games and after that we're in pretty good position. We should be able to get 3 out of the 6 non division games.
They should start making the championship hats and shirts already.

Where's the Superbowl, Dallas? This team may be able to run a relay that far but that would mean the team would have to walk just as far to set up for the relay baton pass.
I still hold out a very , very small amount of hope , but I wouldn't bet any money on us making it.
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dude what ever you are smoking, maybe you should stop.
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