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Rumors swirl that Jed is the rat (Article)

I've been wondering the same thing. It's weird with all these " sources" within the organization. But read this article to contradict that =

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I don't know Billwalshjr is making some good points. Or some good assumptions I should say. It would be really stupid for Jed to be the "rat". Check this-
"Like my boy tells me: 'If it looks like a rat and smells like a rat, by golly, it is a rat.' " -- TO
Originally posted by zozell:
LOL this I gotta read...

Is Jed York Singletary's "Rat?"

Yeup, it all makes sense now. I know if I'm the owner of a company and my manager is not doing a good job - I would tell the whole World that I hired an incompetent guy. Puts all the blame on him.
fcuk the yorks
stupid articles created just to get hits. no way it was jed. desperate attempt to create news.
Originally posted by Billwalshjr:
jb49ers80 is correct.

"Would Jed know what it going on in the coaches booth on gameday? How would he know the details of the OC to QB communication? Someone would have to tell him that, and to me, that person in the rat."

The rat is...

"In addition to all his other roles with the organization, Marathe also assists coach Mike Singletary with rule interpretations and replay challenges from the coaches' booth on game days."
Originally posted by 49ersNoKaOi:

Could Eddie DeBartolo be the rat? Jed has let it be know he talks to Eddie at least once a week and I think Eddie D convinced Jed to fire Raye (Eddie was never shy in firing coaches). I think Jed may have told Eddie some stuff and Eddie D leaked it, maybe he did it as a favor to these writers in who in return will give Eddie D some positive press when he needs it or/and to help promote his clients (he has a sports agency). The playcalling stuff obviously came from Paraag but wether or not he leaked it to the media or he told Jed and Jed leaked it or Jed told Eddie and he leaked it. Who knows but to much leaking is never a good thing and it has to stop.

Look at the organizational chart. There aren't a whole lot of names above Singletary. The most clear suspects are York, Baalke, Gamble, or Marathe. We know one of those guys has a habit of texting reporters in the national media. Only one of those guys actually has the authority to fire Singletary.

This is what happens when you hand the keys of an NFL football team to a punk kid who hasn't done crap in his life. Instead of manning up and talking to Singletary, he's pulling this garbage. This wreaks of inexperience and ineptitude, something Jed has wreaked of since day one.

Let the soap opera continue.
This makes a little sense believe it or not. He was no fan of Raye and remember, Sing said his job was safe. Then he changed his mind the next day. i bet Jed forced him to do it!
Originally posted by BleedRandG:
This makes a little sense believe it or not. He was no fan of Raye and remember, Sing said his job was safe. Then he changed his mind the next day. i bet Jed forced him to do it!

You undermine your own argument. This is not the action of someone near the top, someone who can recommend or make changes. Why should they run to the press and undermine their organisation. This is the actions of an assistant who wants change and who has no way of bringing it about.
whats up with all this drama?
Originally posted by phatbutskinny:
whats up with all this drama?

Jed, just hire John Gruden and his choice of a GM while being rid of Paraag. That or sell the team to Larry Ellison. Either or.

I still can't believe after all these years we still don't have a true GM. Embarrassing!!!! No wonder we have all this drama right now.
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