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Jed York texts ESPN...

I am 80% fed up with Jed York. So far he is showing none of his Uncle and all of his Dad.

Owners really should not make predictions. Thats lame; and he has done it twice now.

I was resigned to the knowledge that the 49ers will be a joke for the rest of my life. When Jed took over I temporarily allowed myself some hope.

I am almost back to reality.

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Was it Tom Coughlin that predicted the NY Gaints would win 8 straight to make the playoffs and they did? Someone out there must have a better memory than me.

lets boo jed york as well
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Our organization is a joke. I wish there was one person in the front office that had a clue.
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What Jed York is really saying is...I'm putting my f**king reputation on the line for this pos Singletary and if he doesn't win the division and makes the playoffs then Singletary will get fired.

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Originally posted by NorthNiner:
Originally posted by RKab:
The 49ers will be the first team to win the division by never actually winning a game.

Quite possibly -- the funniest post I have ever seen on the Webzone. It captures the feelings of many.
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Originally posted by boast:

f**k all the haters. we will win the division! despite 0-5, we're only 3 games out!


What do the players think of this? Do they have any respect for Jed York? No!

Bet they are laughing their asses off...

We are the joke of the NFL and Jed is only contributing with his psuedo-badass posturing via text message.

this is
Jed has embarrassed all us Niner fans---cringe

I like Jed though!
I'm seriously considering bringing a giant sign to the game saying "DONT TELL ME, SHOW ME."

Talk is cheap Jed. Talk is cheap.
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