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Fans No Class Today!

Fans No Class Today!

You can tell that it lit a fire under Alex's @ss. I'm glad it happened and I'm glad Alex responsed the exact way he should have responded. Didn't quit or soak, and brought us back into the game.

This is 6 years of frustration boiling over.
The fans actually helped him.
Originally posted by kelpie70:
Smith only part of the problem. I think there was frustration for the ppor play all around tonight. Guys, enough of the negative the season is gone. I ws proud of the way Ginn palyed tohight man he gave us great field position. Definitely something to build on for next coach. By the way, I think we need more Dixon or a new starting back next year. I have lost confidence in Frank Gore.

really buddy
I'm puzzled by the notion that booing the Niners tonight showed a lack of class.

For the past ten years the organization has p***yfooted around with a catastrophic rebuilding process.

For more than half a freaking decade the organization has p***yfooted around with a flakey QB that mixes flashes of competence with equal doses of cluelessness.

And now, in a season in which we were predicted to win the weakest division in football, we've managed to start 0-5 while displaying all the traits that have reaped a decade's worth of failure upon the francise.

If anything the fans have been classy in their patience during this endless rebuilding cycle. The fuse ran out tonight, and that's nothing to be upset about. Afterall, they're fans, not saints.
U r clueless if u think that wasn't deserved. I spend $600 a year for the NFL network to see that crap. They r an embarrassment like no other.
6 seasons since a playoff appearance/win... these fans have EVERY f**kING RIGHT to boo this half-assed organization.

They buy the tickets, they buy the merchandise, they have every f**king right to boo. I'm tired of this "oh you're not a real fan" bulls**t, or that plastic "faithful" marketing slogan that was coined back in the mid 00's.

This team has 5 Lombardi trophies, and it was a former pillar/example of what an NFL team was supposed to look like... now it's nothing more than a sideshow act of disorganization and chaos.
Originally posted by smithgdwg:
Originally posted by Jersey9er:
I had to make this thread because honestly it was apalling to hear the fans booing Smith for Carr, and during the threads many felt the same as may, and even those that dont like Smith one bit.

Then Sing leaves him in, and he throws 2 more TD's and then they cheer. Booing because it's a bad play is one thing.

But Gore fumbled twice and our D was getting manhandled, and all they could boo was our QB. Some say Sing is messed up in the head, well u know what some of us fans are just as crazy as they make Sing out to be.

If you looked around in chat rooms, they were laughing at our fans because regardless of what. 21pts from a QB should be enough to win, regardless of int's, but its funny, nope, not on our team.

The whole team at some point f**ked up today, and the booing for just one player was quite pathetic as a fan IMHO.

I see the Alex Smith bandwagon is still going strong after an 0-5 start.

lol, see what i mean. Smith Bandwagon, s**t i cant jump on that wagon, when the "Niners always find a way to f**kup TRain is still moving".

As a fan of the team, i watched down to the minute, and it was those 2 final TD's that gave me a little hope.

Say what u want but we lose to Atlanta, and b***h and say more points. Young even said we may lose anyway so play hard all game.

He scores 3td's which is what kept it close to begin with, and then Gore adds 2 fumbles. The problem i have as a 9er fan, is that why Smith may be a part of the problem as well, i also make sure to point out the parts that have s**t to do with Smith, that also contributed to the loss.

21pts is more than 7 and should of been more than enough to win the game.

[ Edited by Jersey9er on Oct 10, 2010 at 21:38:03 ]
Seven years of inept losing football and you want the fans to sit there and clap like a bunch of god damn sheep? Enough is enough. We're playing a team that is down to 3rd stringers on most positions and they're still dominating. That is downright pathetic. Next game instead of booing start throwing beer bottles at the York private box. That might get their f*cking attention.
Alex Smith is not going to last beyond this year. He is not the QB of the future. But I'm happy that the last thing we saw from him wasn't the fans booing him and chanting "we wan't Carr" and then seeing his dejected face. He went out and shut the fans up, at least for another game.

I felt horrible for the guy. He tried his hardest, took a paycut, did whatever he could to justify the Niners investment, unlike other busts like Leaf and Russell, who were just huge turds. He just doesn't quite have it for whatever reason. But at least him walking off the field to the boos like that isn't the last thing he'll remember as quarterback of the 49ers.

I can understand the fans booing Alex though. That mistake was just one too many for the fans today, that had been building up throughout. Alex has been here for 6 years and the Niners have yet to make the playoffs during his tenure. Even though the Niners futility can't all be pinned completely on him, he's the one constant holdover from the frustrating Nolan/Singletary era.

Maybe he'll get another shot and succeed somewhere. Probably he won't. He might even get replaced tomorrow. But if that happens at least he'll remember how he shut up the crowd and turned their boos into cheers. at least for a few possessions, and not being booed off the field and being pulled for Carr on national television.
Without the crowd doing this.. We lose by 14-17

Its about time the fans in attendance show disgust. They are displaying what we are all saying and doing in our living rooms while watching this s**t! Alex has ben our Qb for 6 years and he has more interceptions than touchdowns and some of you idiots support him, WTF
I don't really pay much attention to people who actually want David Carr in the game.

You should be calling for the head of the person who is trying to make you choose between Alex Smith OR David Carr which is like choosing between hot dog s**t or cold dog s**t
The fans have every right to be upset...instead of booing Alex, we should boo the ownership and tell the Yorks to go back to Ohio with all the other village idiots...
I don't know how I felt about it, they should have been booing Sing to be honest.

Next week how about "We want Harbaugh" or even "We want Winners"
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It may be too late now.....but if the Niners approached every possession with the same amount of urgency, maybe they wouldn't find themselves backed up against a wall at the ends of games.

I think Gore is a crutch for this offense in many ways. They only handicap themselves when they keep pounding the rock with him. Our line can't get any push, and the D smells it coming a mile away.

Obviously he should get reps to keep the defense honest...but this team needs to strike first and fast with the pass, and they have the tools to do it, but they won't use them.

Very frustrating.

Honestly, I'd rather see Smith get picked throwing a deep ball than checking down and having to punt. That INT was actually a somewhat beneficial play (it pinned the Eagles deep at their own 3). Better things can happen when you stretch the field vertically....and I saw it today. Just not enough.
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