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Fans No Class Today!

Fans No Class Today!

No class.

And what the hell, asking for Carr? Are you serious?
The fanbase is full of cockroaches like susweel and flywhatever. Alex is the only player that showed balls today.
Nah man, you cant blame them really. How much of this sht can we take? The fans have been MORE than patient.

That said...maybe the fans HELPED Alex. He needed this. He's been coddled his whole career. This should have happened a while ago. Hopefully it lights a fire under Smith. We'll see.
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We havent won in 8 years.

There is a lot of season ticket holders that have been playing to see losing season after losing season. i understand their frustration.
Originally posted by Jersey9er:
I had to make this thread because honestly it was apalling to hear the fans booing Smith for Carr, and during the threads many felt the same as may, and even those that dont like Smith one bit.

Then Sing leaves him in, and he throws 2 more TD's and then they cheer. Booing because it's a bad play is one thing.

But Gore fumbled twice and our D was getting manhandled, and all they could boo was our QB. Some say Sing is messed up in the head, well u know what some of us fans are just as crazy as they make Sing out to be.

If you looked around in chat rooms, they were laughing at our fans because regardless of what. 21pts from a QB should be enough to win, regardless of int's, but its funny, nope, not on our team.

The whole team at some point f**ked up today, and the booing for just one player was quite pathetic as a fan IMHO.

I see the Alex Smith bandwagon is still going strong after an 0-5 start.

Originally posted by saj4423:
Originally posted by WillistheWall:
Originally posted by TDNiners:
The fans were stupid, in my opinion.

They should have yelled "WE WANT GRUDEN" "WE WANT GRUDEN"

Carr won't give you s**t.

At least Gruden might be able to fix this mess.

Cosigned. Carr won't fix this s**t!

That is why it is time to see what Troy Smith has. This year is over and with the strike looming next season it is going to be a long hard 2 years to try and get this s**t right.

At least I can say Go YANKEES!!!!!!!

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Originally posted by susweel:
No he deserved it.
we have every right to b***h. I did feel bad for alex but you know what? f**k him this is business and when you f**k up that bad you deserved to be called out by fans who invest their emotions, time and money in the team.

f**k this season. its seriuosly making my lifespan A LOT f**kING SHORTER!!@!@#!@$
we would never be smart enough to try to sign gruden!lol....but seriously i think he would be perfect. offensive minded couch, west coast system, has won a super bowl and has coached on this team before...he has great connections in the nfl so im sure our position coaches would be legit... he would more than likely pick his qb this team needs some legitimate coaching...its amazing how much of a difference that would make
David Carr sucks. Smith fumbled, and that was horrible, but he was used as a scapegoat. He played good enough for us to win. Gore had a horrible game. And we had too many dumb penalties. Also, we had to scoop that fumble up. We didn't and Philly had the FG to seal it.

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The fans were an embarrassing disappointment to me tonight.
Originally posted by malcolmx:
The fanbase is full of cockroaches like susweel and flywhatever. Alex is the only player that showed balls today.

The man that lost the game for us? Alex always finds away to blow it and you know it. Look at his career he is not a winner and need to go. Release his ass quick.
Originally posted by luis1985:
Originally posted by susweel:
No he deserved it.
I am proud of the fans. They paid to be there, and Smith gifted those green b***hes a TD. We're 0-5, and you're complaining about fans wanting a change?! Even Jerry Rice wants Carr in.
Smith only part of the problem. I think there was frustration for the ppor play all around tonight. Guys, enough of the negative the season is gone. I ws proud of the way Ginn palyed tohight man he gave us great field position. Definitely something to build on for next coach. By the way, I think we need more Dixon or a new starting back next year. I have lost confidence in Frank Gore.
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