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Fleet Week Traffic?

I'm traveling to the game tomorrow from the north bay and I'm worried about the traffic that's gonna be caused by the fleet week festivities. I want to avoid the marina/lombard area all together so I was wondering if anyone knew a good alternate route to Candlestick from the 19th ave area. I dont know if I'm gonna make it by kickoff because I won't be rolling into the city until about 4pm and I'm gonna have to take the long way. I was thinking 19th to ocean ave. and getting on 280 to the 101. If anyone knows a good route to take I would appreciate the help. thanks go Niners!
I was there today and it was pretty bad on 280N past Silver Ave going into SF but NOT near the stadium or going on 280 S. I think you're good from there at least?

But all near Pier 39 is HORRIBLE traffic. Avoid that area best as possible. Other than that, there wasn't too bad of traffic at all.

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