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Could we win the next 6 straight (maybe 7)??

Could we win the next 6 straight (maybe 7)??

we wont beat the broncos
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I think the Niners will be favored in every one of the 7 games with the possbile exception of the Broncos game.

Eagles at home without Vick WIN (Niners favored by 3)
Raiders at home WIN (Niners by 6-7)
Carolina on rd WIN (Niners by 3 - IF we win the next 2)
Broncos in London LOSE (Niners by 1)
Rams at Home WIN (Niners by 7)
Buccs at Home WIN (Niners by 7)
Arizona on Rd WIN (Niners by 3)

I think its very possible that the Niners win 6 or those 7. Put it this way, they are games they can and should win. I would not be shocked at all to see our team 6-5 after 11 games. I think a 8-8 or 9-7 season will be the final result with an excellent chance at the West.

It's tough to say that the Niners SHOULD win any of these games given how they've played so far. They cannot win on the road - haven't done so for years. So Carolina and Arizona on the road are not "should" wins. They should lose those games, if history has anything to do with it. They should also lose to Denver in London because: (1) it's technically on the road and (2) Denver is a better team. The Raiders, Eagles, Rams, and Bucs are not gimme wins and it wouldn't surprise me if the 9ers lost at least two of those games. I think we're looking at between 4-7 and 2-9 after 11 games.

You might be right. However, the Niners are more talented than every team on that list other than Philly in my opinion. I think the Niners will beat the Eagles at home in a game they HAVE to win. I know the Niners have looked like crap in 2 games but they have also played very well for the most part against 2 extremely talented teams. It could go either way but I look for the team to turn things around.

If we get a game or two at home, the away games won't be so impossible. You win away games cause your on a roll.. now way in hell this team could've started the season winning with 3 away games and the 4th against the superbowlchampion.
AFTER SUNDAY I EXPECTED TO SEE A LOT OF PEOPLE GIVE UP (untill tuesday i did give up..unitll i looked at the schedual), BUT IT LOOKS LIKE WE STILL BELIEVE.
lmao 6 in a row

try 12
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