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I have had ENOUGH!!!!!

This is where I draw the line. Its time to get this team back to being a discipline well coached ball club. After the season is over we should fire ALL of our staff except for Manusky and if Mike Johnson does well then keep him. Look, as long as we have this coaching staff we will continue to look like a half ass pathetic team who cant win even if EVERYTHING is going their way. IT STOPS HERE!! We have to rebuild this thing from the ground up. After this season I do not want to see Smith in a niner uniform EVER AGAIN. He will never be an elite QB in this league. You have to be a natural LEADER in that huddle otherwise there is NO WAY you will ever be an elite QB in this league. This is what we need to do after the season.

1. Fire Sing and bring in a coach like Gruden, Cower or Harbough from stanford
2. Draft a QB that's number one trait is being a LEADER!!!! He must be a tough player who can make plays happen and is not afraid of anyone or anything
3. Draft a DL because as much as I saw good pressure this game I think we need a constant pass rusher who we can depend on.
4. Get rid of spikes and replace him with Bowman.
5. Get rid of all the old guys on our O and our D
6. Hire Holmgren as our GM or another person with experience
7. I wish they would sell the niners but that's not goning happen
8. If by week 8 we are 1-7 or 2-8 START NATE DAVIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys, we have been waiting for 7 long years for this team to get back to the post season. We have the players to get us where we want to go but as long as we have this terrible coaching staff we will NEVER be an elite team. I dont care if we throw this season and next season away if it means getting back to being an elite team. I look at The Patriots and their coaching and there quarterback and I think to myself, that is a great organization and that is what the niners should look like. Like Jerry Rice said, "It's started with Bill Walsh, and it ended with Bill Walsh." We need to start with a good head coach and ends with a good head coach. I dont care how long it takes!

To conclude this semi-rant I would like to say that I will go the rest of the season with an open mind and no expectations. For all the emotion and gut wrench that we have gone through for 7 years I know in my heart that this team needs to rebuild the coaching staff and kick out all the useless old players on this team. I will never stop rooting for this team so long as I shall watch football. Therefore we must always invest in the draft and not pick old guys off FA. We must have top of the line coaching that gives us a chance to win even if we our players are not as talented as the players on the other team. This is what we need to do and there is no two ways about it. GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I agree with a lot of what you said BTW. But it can't be fixed on this team. It's a shame.
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we'll be 2nd place in the NFC west with a win next week and vs the raiders.

we play better at home. sucks having 3 road games the first 4 weeks.
why so emo??? the future is bright, cant wait for the 2011 draft!

even if things dont get better, there is always the lockout! cant lose if there are no games to play
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