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Enjoy... or don't.
I always enjoy the NFL network. The word spread was mentioned; I like this word. Gore is the man but it's time to wing it. At least VD and Crabtree would get some yards and a few TD's.

I hope this season can be salvaged; however, I will downsized my expectations for this years team.
Their observations sounds just like NT lol
No. Next question.
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Yes, but it will be very hard and history and the odds are against us.
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Yes, but the team has to turn it around fast. The Spread offense is the key. Alex can run it and hopefully MJ knows it well enough to win with it. Getting Ginn back will open up the vertical game and stretching the D will allow Gore to still pound the ball.
We're getting better. We must move forward. We will not stop Drew Brees, we will stop Drew Brees. Next Questin.
Wow, those were a lot of LOWlights for 3 games, .

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