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PYMWYMI: Do Niners make the Playoffs?

Originally posted by Snider8706:
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Originally posted by Snider8706:
I'll give my left nut to see the 49ers in the playoffs this year!!!!

Giants and 49ers both winning their divisions in the same year!!

I might give a nut for a SuperBowl, but I don't know about playoffs. I'd miss that nut when we get destroyed in the wildcard round.

I'm just tired of watching other teams in the postseason......anything can happen once we're in.

Let's get a win band wagon.
im with you bro, we win the division at 8-8
I'm rollin with a hooker and some coke.. so even if this bandwagon's wheels falls off -- I'm still having a helluva time
I mentioned before the season began the team that wins the opener, wins the NFC West. And sure enough Seattle has looked decent.

It will be close but I see the Seahawks going 9-7 and winning the NFC West. When that happens Carroll should be a finalist to win coach of the year.

Follow his daily exploits here.

Please 49ers prove me wrong. For once I wouldn't mind eating crow.
I'll get on if we win this Sunday.
A win this Sunday will give the players coaches and even the fans all the confidence we need to make it.
i'm in it to win it
if we win one of these next two i'm in
I would say prob not. If we lose this week against Atlanta then def not. Actually, if we lose this week we will def have a losing record this year.

We are definitely going to the playoffs. In fact, even if we are 0-4 after this week, which I highly doubt, we still have a good shot. Michael Jordan is really going to turn this offense around; look at what he did with the Bulls when he came back for the second 3-peat.
Go on then. I would rather have seen this week's result first, but some mindless optimism is sometimes called for.
The "We Are Still Going To The Playoffs Bandwagon"

Seattle will fall apart 8-8 might win this thing. I'm in
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