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PYMWYMI: Do Niners make the Playoffs?

Originally posted by backontop:
I will hope for the best but expect the worst. Anything better than 8-8 is alright with me.
Originally posted by 49ersNoKaOi:

What a terrible, terrible episode that was.
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I am drinking the koolaid and am well placed on this wagon.
Fk it I'm on it

I have no other place to go
I'm on board. What are my other 13 weeks of meaningless football?
Originally posted by Marvin49:
I'm on board. What are my other 13 weeks of meaningless football?

Originally posted by danimal:
Originally posted by TheGoldStandard:
Originally posted by danimal:
whats the over under on how often "weak division" is cited.

1 per every 4 votes of confidence

f**k it.

I am in.

This division is that bad. But we are going to get creamed in the playoffs if it happens

put me on the list mang...I am in
can we make a "first pick in the draft" list


put me on this sucka
Put me on it. I got nothing else to do. Not like my b***hing will help any.

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Im in b***hes new OC FTW
Originally posted by TheGoldStandard:
Insert Jim Mora Playoff?!? Rant Here

The date is September 29, 2010, the San Francisco 49ers have zero win and three losses, are down one offensive coordinator, and are statically one of the worse teams in football (Alex Smith QB Rating 66, Defense last in Points Allowed, Crab non-existant, Et cetera, Et cetera).

With that said I am ready to brave public humiliation and declare that despite all evidence to the contrary we are going to get our S#!T together and win this god-forsaken division.

The question is who's with me?!


Me, duh.
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GameOver (in a hilarious bit of irony)

I am in. I think that our new OC will do well. The players are excited and are getting some confidence from Mike Johnson. I SAY F**K THE HATERS LETZ WIN THIS THING!!!!!!!!!!!!
Put me on the list. I'm in until we're officially eliminated.
I ride this bandwagon each year until the wheels fall off. Not changing anything now.

-Go Niners
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Not a chance in hell this team is NOT in the playoffs.
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